Pete's Restaurant Breakfast
 Canton, Ohio           Date of Visit: 04/13/14   

Golden hour turned out to be a bit of a bust on our trip to take pictures at McKinley Monument Park, we did manage to get a little sun but once that failed we still found a way to redeem our trip south. In the middle of a strip plaza on Tuscarawas sits Peteís Restaurant. It doesnít look like much from the parking lot but itís warmly appointed inside.



Steph Was Impressed By Their Hot Chocolate

The staff were also super friendly. Our server was the quintessence of friendly, knew her job and rocked it from top to bottom. Everyone, every seat, seemed to be smiling jovially. The coffee was good and Steph loved their rich and thick hot chocolate, which they refilled without request. Standard for the coffee, seldom so for the hot chocolate (whipped cream both times).

Steph ordered a ham and feta omelet and I was intrigued by the chicken scrambler. Both came with homefries, thin rounds of potato finished on the plancha. They needed a bit of seasoning but the salt and pepper on the table was more than enough. Steph ordered herís extra crispy and the mob of eight manning the kitchen certainly obliged.

The other thing the well staffed kitchen managed to accomplish was to churn out breakfasts blazingly fast. You could drive there, order, and finish eating pretty close to the time you got your eggs done at home.

Home Fries Regular

Or Extra Crispy

Stephís omelet was filled with a tiny dice of ham and a deliciously salty, rich and smooth feta cheese. Everything was wrapped with a thin sheet of egg and arrived steaming hot, everything you could ask for. The chicken scramble consists of a split biscuit, eggs, fried chicken and it all dressed with sausage gravy. The gravy was one of the first Iíve had in a while which featured forward sausage and pepper flavors. Instead of a bowl full of thickened cream with a little flavor, this combo had a single ladle of satisfying gravy; Iíll take that every time. The crispy chicken works well, the biscuit is fluffy and serious, it was a simple but interesting twist. They also have a meatlovers loaded with smoked ham, bacon and sausage replacing the chicken, Ohh Myyy. Later in the day they have a fish fry and some other dinner options that will ensure a return visit for the other sections of their menu.

Omelet Loaded With Great Feta



The Chicken Scramble

Stack Of Interesting & Fulfilling Breakfast



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