The Pharmacy
 Nashville, Tennessee        Date of Visit  05/15/17  

Looking for places to nosh in Nashville, The Pharmacy “The wurst burger joint in Nashville” showed up over and over. Between the airport and our accommodations we sought and I quote “The best burger in Nashville.” The place is nice, particularly the enormous and lush biergarten. The service is adequate. The burgers are, well, average. So many places we might have gone…but The Pharmacy wasn’t a complete bust.



We tried a couple of their house made sodas, the soda shop Rickey with maraschino and lemon syrups in phosphate and the strawberry ginger. Both were good but there was never a chance of living up to the transcendent We The Pizza sodas we had just experienced in D.C.

The burgers were a standard cheese with yellow cheddar, Swiss, muenster, tomato, roasted garlic aioli and the Stroganoff burger with a mushroom stroganoff béchamel, sour cream, caramelized onion, and Swiss cheese. Again, burger is fine, would not likely pass any other fair burger place for either of these. Nice tots and sweet potato fries just aren’t enough for me to understand the raving reviews and awards.


Good But Not As Good As Recent Find

Wanted So Much More Out Of Stroganoff Burger

The Plain Jane Cheese Was Fine...But Just Fine

Good Tots Weren't Going To Wow Enough To Lift Burger

I tried the Wurstechen Biergarten platter which allowed you to choose any three of the seven house sausages. Now here was some spectacular flavor. I opted for the classic pork and beef bratwurst, the jagerwurst a pork sausage with coriander, garlic, mustard seed, nutmeg and a hint of ginger, and finally their kielbasa polish pork sausage with garlic, marjoram and sugar. Distinctly different from each other, but all are seriously forward in flavor and delicious. Warm vinegary potato salad, two widely different mustards and a lightly sweet but seriously sour cured cabbage. That’s something to return for, something to let others know about, and more than you’re every going to eat in a sitting or two. Having been I would likely have done something different with limited time in Nashville…in no way bad… in some ways good…but we encountered much more memorable multiple times.

Although These Enormous Links Delivered Where Burgers Didn't

Even The Warm Vinegary Tater Salad Was Better Than Tots



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