Planet Sub
 Akron, Ohio       Date of Visit  03/13/15  

We had an above average burger trip in the jazzy new area in the Falls and saw a sub shop opening next door. Planet Sub may have be associated with Captain Planet, the kind of thing you are supposed to feel good about participating in, even if it really isn’t accomplishing anything good. "I'm saving the World...Oh, maybe I'm just watching a stupid mediocre cartoon. That's what Planet Sub makes me think about.


There Is The Proof Of Superiority...A Mixer...Wish It Was Picture Of Sandwich Instead

The person at the counter seemed like she really wanted to be somewhere else, the manager seemed dazed. The young lady who ran the sandwiches out to the floor was the only one who seemed interested in their customers…good for her…bad for them.

Trying hard to be hip and plug into the…we make everything here craft sammitch feel…I ended up disappointed by the whole thing. Yes, they have a mixer and Subway probably bakes from frozen rolls and yes, the bread is better at Planet Sub but due more to the baking once stuffed than being mixed in house, the crispy edges being the improvement.  Subway’s “baking box” not doing quite the same thing.

Here’s the thing…I would prefer Subway…due to the veggie options. The bread and meat weren’t remarkable in any way at Planet Sub. Aren’t any better at the fast food joint but you can add half a salad bar to the thing which makes up for the paper wrapped turkey and loaves.


I Think The Card Is Meant To Be Edgy Way To Mark Your Table ?

Condiments As Imaginative As Sandwich Combos (Yes, Sarcasm)




We had a buffalo chicken, the planet sub, cheese steak and bacon tuna melt. The sandwiches were put together with a sledgehammer. The tomatoes were pale and tasteless. The signature chicken has got to be a forgery (but the buffalo sauce wasn’t bad), the steak was nonexistent in flavor as were the roast beef, turkey and ham. Bleh. The tuna was actually head and shoulders above the others but nothing I would crave. I can’t think of a reason to return…you can do better. cheaper…almost anywhere.

Don't Remember Ordering The Drop On Floor & Stomp On It Special

Really Don't Like The "Signature" Chicken But Buf Sauce Is Alright

Bread Is Not Good Enough To Make Up For Lack Of Steak

Just A Tasteless Mess

And The Planet Sub Was No Better

Planet Must Be Greek For Mediocrity & Sub For Expensive

At Least The Tuna Had Some Flavor

But Isn't Anything Worth Showing Up For



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