Ripper Owen's
Tap House

 Akron, Ohio        Date of Visit  01/07/13     
  Website Gone Currently

There is about as much to say about our trip to Ripper Owens Tap House as there are pictures to remember the event. We were sort of excited to go but a little concerned with recent events. They are closing, supposedly to open elsewhere, while the property owner is going to keep the place open under some other name. Reports were the name and menu would extend to the end of January including the vaunted World Tour of Wings. Just in case the reports are deflecting a failed restaurant we decided to catch the tour while we knew it would be there.



The sign said “Come in we are open”. The bar was full of half-tanked beer swillers…and I mean full. I didn’t see a seat in the house…except for the completely empty dining area so we started to sit and were told the dining room was closed. “You can eat…(I could see No One eating) but you gotta sit in the bar.” Remember there are no seats in the bar. I don’t know if this is how it was under the Owens moniker or if it is how it will be under the new owner, I do know how rapidly I went from interested to as apathetic as a staunch vegan sitting in the middle of Cattleman’s Steakhouse where the closest thing to a vegetable is chicken. Forget the World Tour…If they had the World’s actual Best Wings…I wouldn’t care. I'm not going to sit on the floor of the men's room to eat them. At best, it would be a while before I took any interest in anything from either the place or the name. If ever. Disappointing, like going to a Judas Priest concert and having Taylor Swift perform instead. No thanks.




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