Sakura Sushi (Second Visit)
Akron, Ohio    Date of Visit:  01/13/17
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Ever since Kasai moved into Wadsworth, we havenít talked much about going back to Sakura. I think thereís been a slide at Kasai since they opened their second spot down South. We went back. Now, all we talk about is going back to Sakura. Still a classy spot for a strip mall. Service is efficient and friendly.


  We started with edamame which they serve steamed with the add your own salt option. Fine. The Tom Yum soup deliciously affronted with sharp gingery spice and vinegary tang. Then the rolls.


Spice So Good For A Cold

  We had the Amazing Tuna Spicy Tun a, white tuna and crunch inside with peppered tuna and avocado and wasabi mayo on top. Pretty standard go to for us, and itís beautiful and deliciousÖleast favorite this trip. I know right!?!

We tried a couple of their other special Maki rolls we hadnít tried before. The Tiger Crunch spicy shrimp, and tempura flakes inside rolled in cookie flakes. Yes cookie flakes. Thatís what I thought, but the spicy shrimp works well with the lightly sweet nuggets on the outside. Crunchy, crunch, crunch.

Lastly, we tried the Flaming Tree, deep fried with tuna, cucumber and crab with eel sauce, wasabi mayo, chili sauce, tobiko and scallion on top. Itís not deep fried tuna, that would be a crime. Itís a tuna roll where the whole thing is deep fried. Where has this been all my life. Great flavors, original and unique textures, must have more. Canít wait.

First Two Maki


Amazing Tuna Is Delicious But Got Upstaged

Crunchy And Lightly Sweet Tiger Hapiness



The Flaming Tree

Am I The Only Person Who Has Never Had A Fried Maki Roll?

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Sakura Sushi House 
 Akron, Ohio        Date of Visit  09/29/10              No Known Website

I have previously mentioned my inherent distrust of strip mall sushi. Well, after such a pleasant experience at Kasai we got a suggestion to try another shop and I am trying to be less prejudiced, so off we went. Sakura Sushi House is anything but promising from the parking lot, but donít judge a book by its cover. Inside the long room is nice if a bit austere with some nice touches like the coy tank and candles. The service is superior with a nice mixture of kindness and respect for their work and customers.



Tuna Tataki

Steph was excited to see tuna tataki on the menu having enjoyed it so much at Cilantro. It was really good here as well although I think Steph was distressed to see the sesame seeds replaced with fish roe but that was an easy fix for her. I found the dish refreshing and downright good. There is a bottle of better for you soy sauce on the table but it is what sits next to it that I found exciting. The little brown pot of regular soy is not so regular. It sums up the whole idea of umami or savoriness, the fifth sense of taste. It is so dusky and rich, it really complimented every roll we tried.

Steph ordered the amazing tuna roll and while it did have an amazing amount of tuna the sheer size of the roll made it difficult to appreciate. I over ordered three rolls the Sakura No. 1, the Ultimate Shrimp Tempura Roll, and the Torch Dragon.  All three were fantastic. The Sakura roll consists of spicy king crab, avocado and crunch with a layer of thin sliced grilled scallops and mango sauce. A great mťlange of flavors and it was likely my least favorite of the three. The Ultimate Shrimp Tempura has spicy shrimp, tempura shrimp, mango, tobiko (more fish roe), and crunchiness wrapped in rice paper and topped with spicy miso and eels sauces. Great texture and flavor.


"Amazing" Tuna Roll

Way More Amazing Rolls

Close Up of the Torch Dragon

Lastly the Torch Dragon roll was nowhere near as spicy as I had expected it to be. Spicy crab, shrimp and mango topped with torch seared tuna and spicy sesame oil all found their heat when a pinch of wasabi topped the bite. I really wasnít all that excited to see so much mango on the menu but they have an excellent sense of balance here in which the uber sweet fruit plays an excellent supportive role rather than stealing the show. The last place we tried offers a complimentary shot of plum wine following your meal, at Sakura they offer a supremed orange half. While the staff didn't exhibit the same knife skills on the fruit as they did the rolls it is an interesting and fresh end to a great dinner.

Realistically, sushi has come a long way around here, which is great. This place would be an excellent choice to step out of your comfort zone if you are mainly a meat and taters kinda person, and definitely worth a night away from your favorite sushi place if not.

Orange You Finished?  Dear God, Can't Believe I Wrote That!




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