Samantha's Restaurant
 Canton, Ohio        Date of Visit  12/16/16 

Filling out the list of things to be wrapped, we are in Canton and Steph had recently met an old friend at Samantha’s. She said we should give it a try and looking at the menu…I’m in. The service is a bit disjointed and slow but they’re trying…I’ll take that over other options. Swilling coffee and hot chocolate we settled on a stacker and the grilled French toast.



The French toast was happily bloated with strawberry cream cheese, peppered with nanners, straw and black berries…all of which is drizzled with a cinnamon glaze. I’m more savory than sweet on the b-fast options but I would straight up slay this calorie extravaganza. She added an order of the cheesy potatoes. The menu says “have them grilled”. Do. Both. Order them and have them grilled. There’s no way to be mad at that, crispy, salty, delicious.

I got caught up in two different stacker options. The first I decided against…so close…was the Bumpkin Stacker constructed from scrambled eggs with onions and mushrooms, a country fried steak, all topped with mozzarella & sausage gravy and sandwiched between two potato cakes.  How tragically wrong does that sound?!?! What I couldn’t pass up was the Chorizo Stacker…same tater cakes but this time encumbered with scrambled eggs, chorizo sausage, corn and black bean salsa and topped with a dousing of fundido cheese. Soon there will be a cheat day, we will be in Canton, and I will get my bumpkin on .

Rye Is Marbled

Don't Miss These. And Listen To The Menu...Get Them Grilled



Holy Moses! Sweet Awesome





Holy Moses! Spicy Savory Awesome



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