The Sandwich House
 Indiana(ish), Pennsylvania         Date of Visit  03/31/15      

Rolling back into IUP I stopped at a little place I have now passed multiple times. There was some fear involved. The Sandwich House is right across the street from one of the worst sandwich experiences I can remember at Miller’s Hoagies. If the place across the street is any good at all…how could Miller’s remain open? I had no answer.



A quaint little converted house the rooms of the bottom floor make up the dining area, the counter and the kitchen is attached out back. The whole staff and the other late afternoon customers were seriously friendly in a comfortable way.

I ordered the same thing I did across the street at the counter and found a table. There was a key lime cake in the display, which they replated for me and ran out to the table before the sandwiches appeared. Life is too short…eat dessert first. The cake was a little dry but the two different icings would finally settle a long debate between Janet and I. She likes the no flavor whipped cream fluff icing and says my preferred buttercream is too sweet. This cake had a nice sharp citrus punch and was filled with fluffy light frosting and the exterior was smeared with a sweet paste. A cake for all.


Friendly Service At The Counter & Beyond

Started With Functional Citrus Dessert

Both sandwiches arrived with a side of fries. The fries were done well but nothing to spend much time discussing. The Italian supreme came with meats I recognized instead of the sliced lung across the street. Baked ham, pepperoni, and cappicola was topped with cheese and set on a bed of lettuce, tomato and onion. The roll was clearly an out of the bag option but was improved upon with a nice toast in the oven. After adding a little packet of creamy Italian dressing the Italian sandwich wasn’t going to wow like the recent trip to 9th Street Deli but was high-quality and enjoyable. Flavor miles ahead of Miller’s. They gotta be selling something other than sandwiches over there to stay open.


Fries Were Fine

I Was So Happy To Recognize The Innards Of The Italian


I enjoyed the chipped steak hoagie more than the Italian with flavorful and seasoned beef, melted cheese, fresh crunchy and pickled vegetables, it was really tasty. The Sandwich House might not churn out quite what they muster at 9th Street but they make really good food in a nice place full of nice people. There’s no competition for that.

Not A Bad Steak Sammitch Either

Tastes Like Beef & Cheese, Imagine





What's Best

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