Save The Fish
 Canton, Ohio        Date of Visit  06/22/12 

Been trying to get to this place ever since we hit Danny Boy’s just over the freeway and run by the same crew, as I understand it. We have also been trying to get the king of dinner burgers to go along with us so we could get his take on the place. Well, he agreed to let our dogs out and we took him to Canton to say thanks. A smaller space than expected, you have to find the entrance to the whole complex to get into the restaurant. A nautical theme rules the interior along with a square bar and a number of televisions tuned to the typical sports fodder.



This Is Actually Where You Get In

We were led to a table and were quickly approached by a server who provided perfectly average function during our stay. We ordered a “Skinny Dipper Cruise” which consists of their three “famous fries”. Ahhhhh! There it is again…Famous?!? The three fries are Sweet Potato, Cajun Parmesan and Buffalo which come with three cups of dips…bleu cheese dressing, crunch sauce and shoreline honey mustard.

In a harbinger of the visit on a whole, the burger “king” ordered chicken strips and fries. Steph ordered the Belden burger with Swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms & onions, lettuce and tomato, of course she nixed everything except for the cheese and shrooms. I tried the Edmund Fitzgerald a porter beer grilled burger with honey-cured bacon, smoked gouda cheese, lettuce, fried green tomatoes and “tug boat” cheese sauce.

The fries arrived and they looked awesome. Different sizes, dressings and dips and there were loads of them. From sight to taste a great deal was lost in translation.

Talk About A Pile Of Fries...If Only They Were Good

Buffalo Version Was Pretty Good


Nothing Cajun Bout These Taters

And The Sweet Fries Were Worthless

The buffalo fries were easily the best of the lot and were at best average in the wider realm of flavored fried taters. The Cajun parm had little parm and were completely missing the Cajun. The sweet potato fries were discouragingly disappointing. So greasy they maintained nothing sweet or potatoey left about them. I mixed and matched the sauces which did little make anything better.

My burger was aptly named…it’s big…just like it’s namesake. Actually, the Edmund Fitzgerald is the  largest ship to sink in the American Great Lakes. The burger didn’t fare the storm any better than the ship. While the combination sounded new, a little off, and a little delicious. It just wasn’t. Muddled mess is more descriptive. I don’t know how the porter is involved but the patty didn’t taste very good at all and the menagerie of toppings were just sloppy; physically (which I like) and flavorally (which I don’t).

It Sounded AND Looked So Good

It Just Didn't Add Up For Me At All

Steph’s burger tasted better but certainly wasn’t anything memorable. She also didn't care for the cornbread she ordered as a side because it had stuff in it...peppers etc. I didn't like it because it was dry, gritty and not very corny at all. So yes, the best thing we had at the burger bar were the chicken strips ordered by the burger aficionado. At least that’s what he said…maybe he snuck down early and decided against a burger…that’s not fair. The odds of returning to Danny Boy’s are phenomenally higher than another trip to Save the Fish. Do we really need fish all that much anyways, I might be willing to eat them into extinction if these burgers are the only other option.



Save The Effort, Bring Me Fish


Not Much Was Working At All

Sadly, This Is Our Recommendation From the Burger Bar




What's Best

What's Worst

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        Chicken Strips/Buffalo Fries Pretty Much The Rest    
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