Serendipity 3
Las Vegas, Nevada        Date of Visit: 12/19/11

After Hash House A GoGo I was ready to trust the internet reports for our other breakfast in Vegas. The other place that kept showing up for breakfast was Serendipity 3 in front of Caesars Palace. Things didn’t start off well when we arrived to locked doors at 8:45 when the website and the sign we just passed declared they were open at 8:00 every day. A phone call said they opened 15 minutes later so we decided to wait in the seats on the veranda.



Tiffany Condiments

If Hash House A GoGo is industrial, Serendipity 3 is whimsical. Imagine an old fashioned fountain…one that is down the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland. Full ice cream with a soda jerk, full bar, wacky menu, another breakfast adventure. My Mom’s cup of coffee came in a soup bowl  and Steph ordered their registered trademark beverage…The Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. This thing arrived in a sundae mug with a mountain of whipped cream and chocolate curls on top. It brought happiness to the table. Oddly enough, the chocolate mixture under the cream had that textural quality of hot chocolate in addition to the icy crystals, interesting, Steph loved it.

We ordered the Central Park Omelet, the Saints and Sinners French Toast Log, and the Balsamic Strawberry Cream Waffles. If there is any question that this city has devoted itself to excess, a trip to Serendipity with remove all doubt.

Frrrrozen Hot Chocolate, Interesting, Brings Happiness to the Table

The Beverages are Not Small

The Place is Kinda Nutty

Big and Yummy Central Park Omelet

I’m not certain how may egg whites were whisked into the omelet to contain the spinach, avocado and Swiss but the thing was thick. The egg whites were just perfectly fluffy and all of the ingredients worked well. It was served with breakfast potatoes which were large cubes of well seasoned taters that had a nice kick on the backend.

The two enormous waffles were absolutely packed with strawberries and cream and drizzled with a bit of chocolate and a load of balsamic vinegar. The vinegar is either aged or reduced to sweet nectar that still held a bit of acidity and was stupendous with the berries and waffles.


The Sweet Balsamic Works Really Well With...

The Load of Strawberries and Cream Stuffed Inside

Oh, Good LORD. The French Toast Log

Berries Chocolate and Whipped Cream on the Saints End

When I tried to order the French toast “log” I thought you had a choice of savory or sweet, I ordered the savory. Our server sort of laughed at me and walked away. What arrived at the table defies imagination. If your family ever went somewhere like Colonial Williamsburg when you were little and you saw craftspeople hand making goods, the person who made my breakfast plate was originally employed making dug-out canoes.

Inside of the boat is a single piece of French toast which is apparently crafted from a half a loaf of bread. One each end of the long platter are the two ends of the scale savory and sweet. To the left there is a pile of whipped cream and fresh berries drizzled with chocolate. The other end has bacon, two sunny side up eggs and the same potatoes from the omelet. Butter and syrup complete this cruise ship of breakfast. The toast was delicious, the berries fresh, the bacon crisp…there is just no way to eat it all…but you will eat long past simple hunger. It turns out breakfast is quite the experience in Lost Wages Nevada. Worth getting up early even after a late night at the tables…or if you’re on a heater stay at the tables until they open, it is Vegas after all.

Eggs, Bacon and Taters on the Sinners Side



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