Sonnets  (Second Visit)
Wadsworth, Ohio    Date of Visit:  07/02/16
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We rarely consider Sonnets when pondering vittles. I really canít say why. The few times we have gone have resulted in really tasty sammitches. We decided to return for lunch and found the same. Our server was very pleasant and certainly patient as we floundered our way to bagel chips and hummus and two sandwiches. I once met a friend for lunch during a weekday lunch hour and they were packed, any other time it feels mostly like an LA coffeehouse with free wifi. Two or three people with long-enduring hope and laptops attempting to cobble together enough nonsense to get a movie started.


  We had tried the bagel chips on our first official visit, this time we added a little cup of their hummus, which was nice, light, a little citrus. It even worked with the strange menagerie of different bagels, garlic/blueberry/etc. It would be much better if there was more balance between the number of chips and the volume of the hummus, lots and lots of bagel chips.

The Hummus Is Nice

But Insufficient For Veritable Load Of Bagel Chips




  We tried a couple of different sandwiches, both of which were excellent. Again, this ainít no five dollar foot long, youíre looking at about $10 for a square or round sammitch. But itís also not a five dollar foot long. I will take a sub stuffed with veggies, but thereís nothing about the national chains cold cuts that would ever much appeal to me. They still serve Boarís Head at Sonnets a clear upgrade, evident in every bite. Steph had the Italian with ham, salami, pepperoni, provolone, onion, tomato, greens, and Italian dressing on ciabatta. I tried the Philly with roast beef, provolone, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and bistro sauce also on ciabatta. The bread was hot and had a crisp edge inside and out. The meats on the Italian were griddled til crispy edges drove the flavor oils into the roll. The roast beef was fall apart tender and rich. The sauces and cheeses and veggies complimented the proteins, there were truly two really nice sandwiches. Chips are salty and addictive. The slaw was lightly dressed in an interesting sweetish and sourish vinaigrette. Who's complaining?

The Sammitches Are Well Constructed From Superior Ingredients...

..From Crisped Italian Deli With A Bit Of Chew...



Sumptuous Beef With Almost No Chew At All

Interesting Slaw

The Case Beckoned Us To Return

We took a square of baklava and an ďindividualĒ cheesecake. The baklava was above average with crispy nuttiness. The cheesecake, I would pass on. Grainy. Not really sweet or savory. Double down on the baklava.

Never been to Sonnets for the live music, or beer, or large assortment of coffees. We might be missing out.

The Baklava Was Really Nice

But I would Skip The Cheesecake

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  B- B+ A Little Pricey But The Sandwiches Are Excellent Variations On Classics  
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 Wadsworth, Ohio        Date of Visit: 04/14/12

Sonnetís has been just off the town square for just about as long as I have lived in Wadsworth, I have never been inside. I have eaten in the car in one of their parking spaces when the Zydeco Bistro was in town but had failed to venture inside. Itís about time. One of our new dining companions joined us for lunch as we ducked the light rain and stepped inside. Traditional hippy/skippy coffee house with a stage, rows of roasted beans and some table and chairs, it feels a little upscale but still homey enough for Wadsville.



Same "Crack-like" Chips as Primos

Inside just one booth was occupied along with a table full of scooter enthusiasts. Again my lack of two wheeled transportation was poked as I would typically enjoy a goof at their expense but hey, they still ride. I need a bike. We sat and because we arenít bright enough to ask our server finally came out to let us know ordering takes place at the counter. She was nice and they were slow so she allowed us to stay in our booth and took care of us throughout lunch.

We tried the chili, the original, the white French wrap and the Reuben. First came baskets of chips and chips. Bagel chips are made in house and from all varieties of the round boiled breads. Not bad but outpaced by the other basket. The potato chips are the same generic but highly addictive brand served at Primoís deli, insanely salty and crunchy. Lays may own the slogan but these things embody it.


House Made Bagel Chips of Many Colors

Pretty Good Chili

The White French Wrap

Just as Blurry a Shot of the Interior

The chili was surprisingly tasty. Thickly laden with meat and beans it still held a sharp tomatoey bite and spice profile that is uniquely chili. The sandwiches are superior to most including the Whole Day Cafť right up the street, lucky for them they serve crepes. Sonnetís uses Boarís Head cold cuts. There is a reason that stuff costs what it does, itís just better, more flavorful, worth the expense in most cases. The original comes with ham or turkey or ham and turkey which is the option I chose. Included in the pretzel bun was cheddar, bacon, greens and honey mustard. Actually, really nice. The Reuben was much better than the place up the street, better rye, corned beef and a nice balance all the way around. The wrap was also successful  with chicken, ham, bacon, egg, cashews, cheddar, greens and white French dressing. All three well done versions.

We looked at the cookie/muffin/dessert counter and there wasnít much to get excited about. The sandwiches are enough to recommend a return trip, there are quite a few on the menu. Another little gem found right under our noses. Not perfect but another reason I am glad we are participating in this little experiment.


Wins the Downtown Wadsworth Rueben Championship

The Original, Pretty Darn Tasty



What's Best

What's Worst

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