Steinly's (Breakfast)
 Akron, Ohio        Date of Visit  10/12/14        
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We stopped at Steinley’s for breakfast. This might be the most brief scribbling I’ve done. Steinley’s is almost exactly what I expected, friendly and functional. The place has seen a lot of wear, most of the patrons are older, known to the staff and have regular orders. You are going to get a good bit of food for less than you would expect, but it is going to be right around clinging to average. The eggs, taters and toast were fine, the sausage gravy needed some sausagey kick and the hash also defaulted to low intensity. There isn’t much else to know. Quaint local joint with mediocre but substantial breakfast options.



Don't Get More Plain Than This

The Hash Needed A Kick


Steinly's Somewhere Just Below Average Expectations



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