Steve's Dakota Grill
 Medina, Ohio          Date of Visit: 06/17/10   

Having received a suggestion from parents we thought we would travel further into Medina than we had ever been before. If you have taken the main drag through Medina past the hundreds of store fronts you have likely at one point or another reached the end of civilization where the neon and fluorescents turn into trees. Having reached this point a couple of times only to turn around, our journey to Steve’s Dakota Grill took us into the “wilderness”. At the crest of a hill stands a large and somewhat opulent building with the feeling of a hunting lodge. The feel reverberates inside with mounted game of nearly every stripe but everything is rich and polished.



Salad and Bread

Sitting in a small booth we find the menu runs right in line with the décor. Specializing in steaks we knew that would have to be at least one of the orders. To start however, we tried the French Onion Soup and the Spinach and Artichoke Dip. The soup was relatively run of the mill but the dip was served alongside parmesan flavored crisps which was a nice touch. The salads were bright and fresh, I have been surprised how often we have found fresh salads since we have started this little experiment, I have memories of many disappointments.

In an attempt to get a taste of more than one thing I ordered the Chicken and Rib Combination Platter. Here was the first serious let down of the evening. Both the chicken and ribs were dry to the point of needing a sip of the ginourmous beer mug to manage a chew and swallow. Oh yeah, when they ask you which size beer you would like, you should know the large requires two people to lift it let alone finish.

Choke Dip

Okay Soup du Frenchie Onions

Well Done...not "Well" Done...I mean it's Medium Rare...
Okay just done well...very well!

Ribs n Chix

So the chicken and pork were dry and uninteresting in the flavor profiles…but how was the steak. They may struggle holding long cooked items for service, but when it comes fresh off the grill someone at Steve’s knows exactly what they are doing. Superior beef done to a “T” it wasn’t a T-bone but the strip from the side. Absolutely mid-raw and bursting with juices, even topped with Blue Cheese the steak imparts that hard to find but intense nothing but delicious beef flavor. I’m not certain how to explain it, but often you will get a steak, and it will taste “steaky” but leaves you unfulfilled as far as flavor is concerned. Or maybe you get a steak with other weird flavors going on. Doesn’t matter because this was not a problem at the Dakota Grill, they serve what a steak should be, we should have gotten two.

The servers appear knowledgeable and friendly and the Dakota Grill definitely offers a solid night out. We will likely be back. If you should join us; whatever you do…"Beef, it’s what’s for dinner” at the Dakota Grill.

Beer = 1 Gallon




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