The Tavern Co. on Lee
 Cleveland, Ohio       Date of Visit  09/15/13 

After some nourishment for the soul, which we seldom receive; we headed out for some lunch, which we frequently receive. Pulling into Cleveland Heights for the first time since we had some nice guacamole and disappointing entrees at Lopez on Lee. Things have changed. There are restaurants littering both sides of the street. I remember some places on that particular stretch of Lee but no where near this manyÖor I might not have been paying attention.



The Challah Toast Looked Tasty

A very barsy feeling inside; the place is all stirred up for the Browns game and since itís a Browns game itís much more shrieking and dismissive grunting than actual cheering. The service has a distinctive aroma of confusion, nice enough folks but they are disorganized and likely flying by the seat of their pants. We ordered a couple Buster's Breakfasts, a cheese burger and a pulled short rib sandwich. We also had pancakes at the table but I didnít manage a picture of those.

The Busterís come with 2 eggs any style, potatoes and turkey sausage, house-made sausage, or bacon, plus toast. They looked solidly prepared and our companions reported being happy with them, pancakes included. When I saw they made their own sausage I ordered an extra side to give it a go. I was a little surprised to find the patties were seasoned in a more Italian vein than the expected breakfast grind. Lots of fennel in stead of sage made for a different but nicely succulent breakfast carnivation.

Buster's With Bacon

And One With House Made Sausage

Steph had the cheeseburger with American and Tavern fries which appeared fresh cut. The burger was perfectly average and the fries were a little better than average. The patty had a pretty dry texture and could have stood some additional seasoning. I tried the pulled short rib sandwich, which was easily twice as good as the burger. A healthy scoop of pulled fall-apart belly was topped with crispy onions and served with a small cup of prepared horseradish so you could control your own woo-hoo in the sandwich. It all worked well together. Since Steph ordered the fries I ordered the onion rings and got a stack of fried hoops, which had that gravely crunchy texture encasing the hot veg. Not bad at all.

The Tavern Company on Lee is a nice divey neighborhood bar which churns out solid bar fare to what appear to be mostly locals of all stripes and economic circumstances. Itís always cool to see suits sitting next to grimy jeans and everyone getting along just fine. The food isnít great but it is good enough to keep you through the game and a little better than you would expect.


Burger Too Dry For Average

Pulled Short Rib Is Much Better



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