The Henry
 Las Vegas, Nevada (Cosmopolitan)         Date of Visit  12/16/12   

We made one official stop for breakfast while in Vegas, mostly due to the menu listed online for The Henry Restaurant at the Cosmopolitan. It’s not listed on any of the maps inside the casino but security walked us to the front door. The restaurant is just as stylish as the rest of the Cosmo with tables set at long blanquettes (the booths not the stew) and classic clean lines. Our server had a vague resemblance to Jimmy Neutron but handled his end of service well.



Chocolate Milk. Skim. Shaken Not Stirred

We ordered three things containing milk and each were put together with whatever variant of milk fat you prefer. The hot chocolate was pretty standard as was the chocolate milk. My mom ordered the oat meal with McCann’s steel cut Irish oats, her preferred milk, brown sugar and a nut praline studded with fresh and dried fruit. She really seemed to enjoy her “much healthier than ours” breakfast.

Jen ordered the flapjacks, plain. Buttermilk batter was griddled to near perfection with crispy edges browned by butter and a fluffy cake which soaked up the cinnamon butter and maple syrup. They weren’t reinventing the wheel but they produce a great orthodox version.


Mother Seemed To Love Them

Crispy Crunchy Edges And Luscious Interior

Ridiculously Thick And...

...Cinnamony French Toast

Steph ordered the cinnamon roll French toast so we could go halvsies. Cinnamon roll bread cut at least an inch thick was dipped into French vanilla custard and seared on the grill. The crusty exterior encased bread with an almost vanilla pudding consistency. Exceptional. The menu mentioned candied pecans and I don’t remember them but I do remember the cinnamon concoction. Imagine the sweet, sticky, cinnamon laden goop at the bottom of a Cinnabon container and give it a little refinement. How does the song go??? If lovin’ you is wrong…I don’t wanna be right. Preach!


Average Bacon

Ridiculous Benedict, Might Be Worth Traitor Status

The other half of our split was The Henry’s incredibly rich take on Eggs Benedict. Keep the eggs and the hollandaise. Lose the slice of pork loin and the English muffin. Replace muffin with crispy potato cake and substitute braised short rib for the back bacon and…. Voila, freakishly opulent breakfast dish. An eggs on eggs theme with the yolk based sauce, the poached chicken orbs and a smattering of caviar.

The whole stack of calorific goodness rested in a pool of jus not unlike a thinner Bordelaise from the Poutine at The Public House. Add a side of mediocre bacon and you have another reason it would not be a good idea for me to live in Vegas, but certainly reason to continue visiting.

Of course, Steph would have to could I pick between the French Toast and the Benedict? It would be stupid to order both. Well, I am already fat....

Ridiculous + Lucious + A Bit Of Sin



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