The Thurman Cafe
 Columbus, Ohio        Date of Visit  04/03/10    

Been to Columbus before. Been to German Village before. Found out I have been to the Thurman before, but I did not remember. How I could forget this place is beyond me. Thought I was hearing about it for the first time watching Adam Richman rave about it on the travel channel. It looked really good on tv, but as our trip to Melt showed, that doesn’t always completely translate. There is a line…that’s what happens to places on tv. We didn’t think we could stay and make our show in time…Don’t want to miss Trombone Shorty!



Super Portabellas

Well, my intrepid  sister in law somehow managed to wrangle us three chairs at the bar which is first come first serve and we made it to the concert with minutes to spare. The poor guy who apparently had to move twice so we could squeeze in…THANK YOU!!! We would have missed out completely.

Cramped like a cattle car the entire place is very very small. Our server was the bartender, not promising…but this guy was super. He was funny, engaging, and took great care of us the entire stay. Watching the burgers hit the tables drove home the size of these monstrosities. I didn’t get to see the Thurmanator…just not going to happen but a very petit couple were just finishing one apiece. The bartender who waited on us said he had never seen a couple finish them together. I don’t know where they would have put it. I had the regular Thurman burger and could barely get through it. We started with a basket of fried portabella shrooms. Thick and screaming hot slices of shroom were coated with a heavy batter and served with ranch. The thickness of the mushrooms made the fungus the star of each bite.

The Super Italian

Inside the Jonnie Burger...Cheesy Perfection

Fries are Exceptional

Unbelievable, Both in Scope and Taste


In addition to the Thurmanburger, Steph got the Jonnie Burger and Jen the Italian Sub. I will just let the menu description cover these offerings.

Our Super Italian Sub
Built with loads of ham, Genoa salami, mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, onion, and banana peppers splashed with Italian dressing

The Jonnie Burger
A bleu cheese burger with loads of bacon, horseradish cheese, and a splash of tequila cooked in; no lettuce, tomato, or mayo cuz, quite frankly, if I’d wanted a salad, I’d of ordered one! Served with fries, cuz chips are for quitters!

The Thurman Burger
Our head honcho overloaded with ham, sautéed mushrooms & onions, mozzarella & American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, banana peppers, and mayo with kettle chips and a pickle spear

The Italian was ordered without the veggies but was still stacked nonetheless and tasted really good. I actually preferred the flavors of the Jonnie Burger to the Thurman, just a preference thing really. I have never had the combo of bleu cheese and horseradish cheese before but it won’t be the last. Simply put, the burgers and other offerings are not only enormous but thoughtful and fantastic. The Thurman Burger is different with every bite…fork or right down the gullet there is so much going on that it’s hard to put it down. So many other choices on the menu…I can’t wait to get back. I will have to eat a lot of salads in between to enjoy with limited guilt.

Inside the Thurman

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