Thyme 2 (Pub)
 Medina, Ohio        Date of Visit  12/26/17 

We are going to America's Largest Indoor Christmas Entertainment Attraction in Medina as part of our holiday festivities. Right across the street is a place that has been on the list forever and we are being treated to lunch before we tour the treasures of Mark Claus. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. And yes, he looks like Norman Rockwell’s vision of Santa, duh!



Much More Relaxed Downstairs

Thyme 2 is down the street from their original location. The place has a clearly split personality.  We walked through the cutting winter air to find a fancy-dancy dining room that is completely empty. I don’t know if my Christmas Museum jeans are appropriate…not that it matters. We are led downstairs to a much more casual feeling area with a distinctly 80’s vibe in art and music. There are also several other diners. I wonder if the upstairs is only open for dinner or for fancy people. We kept it pretty simple two soups, four sammys.

I heard from a couple folks their everyday smoked tomato bisque was well done. The daily Cajun bean soup was much better after a serious dose of salt to bring out the layers of flavor in the lightly spiced broth.

The Reuben was probably my favorite overall bite but isn’t going to challenge Primo’s or Kravitz’s, but definitely tasty. The pulled pork was a little sharp on the smoke but the Carolina tang of the sauce tamped it down some as did the vinegar in the slaw.

Big Dose Of Salt Helped Bean Soup

Smoked Tomato Bisque Didn't Need Help

Solid Reuben

Smokey Pork

The triple grilled cheese was huge and stuffed with smoked gouda, fontina and cheddar cheeses, it was reportedly delicious but couldn’t be finished. Finally, patty melt was the special of the day and was juicy, covered with sautéed onions and cheese, just as good as the Reuben. Three of them came with fries (the bisque was with the fourth) and the fries are thick and delicious. I don’t know if I would make a trip to Medina for the Pub at Thyme 2, but if you’re there, it should be an option.


Cheese & Cheese & Cheese

Melt Is Solid As Well



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