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 Somewhere, USA        Date of Visit  08/26/10            Definitely No Website

Now I canít divulge details. But if I am to be honest how I feel about food, this place needs to be included here, so forgive the very purposeful vagueness. For years now, my Momís crew friends, has been heading out into the country for a feast that is like no other. On par with Thomas Keller, Joel Robuchon, and Eric Ripert when it comes to flavor and hospitality lives a tiny and seasoned Amish woman. While the first three strive to ensure seasonality, local ingredients and freshness, she lives it. I believe everything we have ever had there is created by hand by her or someone else in the community. It is also grown there.

Photo Redacted for Dining Security


Where Dinner Comes From, Right Outside

Being welcomed into anyoneís home is a real treat and here they make it something really special. Served by the matriarch herself, her son and other family members, all of whom donít take their sense of hospitality from an employee handbook, but from the soul and a real sense of service to others.

All I can say about the food is this. I have never so much enjoyed a meal away from home. There is no pretension. Tonight we had fruit cocktail, apple butter and black raspberry jam on unbelievable bread, ambrosia salad, layered salad, roast pork loin with sweet chili sauce, mashed potatoes, creamed peas, sweet corn, stuffing, and pie, pie, or pie. You think to yourself, sounds like an average dinner. But you are wrong. Between care and ingredients this woman and her family bring out flavors I have not had anywhere else. There is no sous vide cooking. There are no commercial flavor enhancers. Everything is cooked in a gas stove or on a Coleman camp stove. Every ingredient is at the peak of freshness, with the exception of the fruit cocktail which they cannot get year round here. Long standing traditions centered around providing meals that restore family togetherness and strength for long days of work make for an exceptional delicacy for those of us more familiar with drive-thrus.

  It may not be as healthy for the more sedentary lifestyle with pie crusts made with lard and potatoes full of butter, but I tell you friends the pie crusts are unmatched and the potatoes, Sweet God the potatoes, they donít reek of butter but the butter supports what you would imagine if God made mashed potatoes for you saying ďthis is what these should taste likeĒ. I have forever been struck by that bowl of smooth starchy awesome. Iím not going to say anymore. There is nothing else to say. If you should happen to learn of this location the three year wait to get in is worth it without question. If you want to learn the location from me. Too Bad! I would never risk the possibility of you getting our date!!! I know selfish. OK. I'm selfish.

So here are the pictures. I tried very hard to be subtle taking them so as not to offend our most gracious hosts. Hope I succeeded. They have always taken special care to spend time with us and make certain we felt like honored guests in their home.

Fresh Goodies Growing in the Front Yard

Fresh n Way too Awesome

Sensing a theme? Something about fresh and awesome

Ambrosia Salad with Celery and Carrot, Which Doesn't Make Sense,
But Deserves the Name...Ambrosia
Fruit Salad Starter Laid Out on China When You Arrive

Brown Butter Topped Clouds of Treasure
Dug From the Ground

Round One and I The Only Way I Eat Peas is Raw or Here,
So Good!


  If you ever get a chance to do something like this...take it. There is hardly a better way to share time with family and friends.



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