Breakfast Bike Runs

I have been taking pictures and thinking about doing this for some time. Places have been missed, ratings are sort of unnecessary, but there are a number of meals or places that could bear mentioning in the long run. We tend to ride in the morning before the Sun gets to serious work for the day. Given that, we tend to either meet for breakfast or use a place as a destination, trying to find the twistier and turnier roads in the area or beyond.

There wonít be much to say, in most places breakfast is what it is. If there is something significant, I will do my best to describe it, but donít expect too much. Just looking forward to new rides and some eggs.


Top of the Viaduct
 Massillon, Ohio


I donít remember where we were headed for the morning but the Top of the Viaduct restaurant in Massillon was the breakfast destination du jour. Busy and buzzing we found a booth and both of us went with the special which was a price break on the Looney Larry.  Named after the owner it consists of two eggs cooked your way, fresh cut home fries, two strips of bacon or two sausage links and toast.

The Looney Larry

Probably not a bad deal everyday and a steal when it is on sale. Probably explains why the place was so busy the day we visited. Great deal, quick service and hot, simple, just what you're looking for breakfast.

We donít get down towards Massillon often or Iím certain Iíd have had more than one Looney breakfast. There must be some fun roads down there somewhere.

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