Traveler's Tavern
 Akron, Ohio      Date of Visit  10/29/15     
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So this is getting a little ridiculous. We tried to eat at Ripperís Tap House on their last night of serving food, and long after they had given up. Then we had an actual experience at Ripperís Rock House with a couple of mediocre sandwiches and a variety of wings. Now itís called Travelerís Tavern because Jon Taffer wonít remodel your bar unless he gets to change the name.



Salty Queso Appetizer Was Tasty

We snuck in before the episode aired and outside of the tables and chairs, there doesnít seem to be much different. It was fun listening to the conversations, all of which serve only to confirm there is nothing real about reality tv. Some lights and Iím sure, some spray hair evidence the show having been there, but little else.

The one clear difference was the service was much more efficient and friendly. I donít know if that is going to be ongoing or is an effort to counteract how our server knew she was going to be portrayed on the show. She did a great job regardless.

It seems the food also remains the same. We tried a salty cheese laden tater chip dish and tried the 5 option sampler from the world tour of wings. They seemed about the same. From where we sat, very little has changed.


The wings were done through but could have used more of a bath in the respective sauces. I had some trouble distinguishing between the Outback and Kensington but the rest were passable sauces on big and functionally cooked wings. We ordered...

  • Cowboys From hell BBQ "Dallas, Texas"
    a sweet and smoky tomato based sauce with a little kick from jalapenos

  • Gilroy Garlic express "Gilroy, California"
    hot sauce and too little garlic to be a garlic wing

  • Kensington Thai Palace "London, England"
    If this was the darker of the two it was an exceptional and delicious blend of soy, garlic, ginger, and Thai chilies

    if not the exceptional and delicious one was the

  • Outback in black "Australia"
    with tangy ginger, lime and sesame

  • Kentucky Jack Bourbon "Louisville, Kentucky"
    cola, whisky, smoked sea salt and bacon


This One Beat The Pants Off Of...

This One...Can't Remember Which Was Which



Cowboys From Hell. Hell Is Much More Temperate Than Expected...And A Little Sweet.

New Kentucky Wings No Better Or Worse Than Old Menu

Gilroy Is Calling Out For More Garlic

Overall, It's About The Same

Okay, so I watched the episode and it seemed as lackadaisical as the overhaul itself. I'm not a fervent rescue watcher but compared to others I've seen, Taf had less disaster and drama to work with, accomplished less, and had a lazy week or so in Akron. But I don't believe much I see on tv. For all of his bluster, Akron seems unphased.




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