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 Barberton, Ohio        Date of Visit  09/23/16        
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Catching a matinee of Sully at our super secret movie house and stop into what was once the glory that is Al’s Corner Restaurant (no longer on the corner) and Quality Meats. The same little square of corner space with a centralized square of counter space and seating against the walls. The biggest different is a splash of paint and tchotchkes of a classic muscle car bent. The old steam table of Hungarian delights is gone but a salad bar has been set up in the opposite corner. Pretty familiar, til you get to the menu…all diner no galumpkis.




First off, up front…on this day the service was just dismal. Folks seem nice, but completely unaware of how to manage a dozen people in a diner. There was an older woman training a younger woman and neither seemed to notice us, as they were both attending to one table at a time. It seemed like drinks, order, kitchen, food cooks, is walked to table, okay is anyone else still here “one table at a time” service. I hope they work that out, because once the younger-brand new server noticed us, took our order and delivered our food…we weren’t terribly disappointed…even though we almost missed the opening to Sully.


A Little Sprucing Since It Was Al's

Seriously hope they work it out, because they are going to end up being more Al’s or Sweet Henrie’s. I’m hoping they find their way to Al’s. Nothing fancy, but focused on the people in the seats instead of the floor.

Things didn’t start too well. After the abomination of fried mushrooms at Sweet Henrie’s, we didn’t think they could be worse anywhere else. They weren’t. They were actually cooked through but…still loaded with so much grease we didn’t manage more than one apiece.

In a vast improvement over Sweet Henrie’s things got much better…it just took a while.

I tried the chili, which was the perfect diner chili. No goat, no faraway spice blend…tomato, beef, beans (I guess we’re not in Texas) and familiar blend of warm earthy spices. Leave the mushrooms, try the chili.


Okay, That's Much Better
  Steph had the AYCE fish special, but we had neither the time nor the space for more fish. I can’t quite decide if the fish is bought frozen and breaded or breaded in the kitchen. If it is frozen it’s a fair product, flaky, clean, mild. It arrived with tasty dark brown fries and a balanced sweet/vinegary slaw. Not bad. I tried the other lunch special, the super gyro. Super in size was my expectation and it was met. An entrée salad’s worth of fresh greenery, tomato and onion obscured the rest of this monstrosity, which was so much better than I had expected. Next was a smear of the required and tangy cuke-flavored lamb moisturizer, a must have. Thick but tender and wonderfully seasoned slabs of lamb…where do they get that from? I want a case. Beneath the pile of meat mix is a warm pita. Add more of the fries and done. Will do again. Barberton appears to have a new option for happy dining, a couple more trips will be required to confirm. Just make sure you have the time.

AYCE Fish Ain't Half Bad

Sweet & Tangy Slaw

Both Came With Well Fried Fries

The Enormous Gyro Loaded With Thick Delicious Lamb Slices



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