Wadsworth Brewing Co.
 Wadsworth, Ohio        Date of Visit: 03/04/17       
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Disappointing dinner at Samanthaís, boozy milkshakes at Pavís Creamery, we gotta be done, right? Nope, we are out with proís and stop by the buzzing new spot that took over the formerly flaming Sub Station. Packed. Barely keeping up with the glassware. The brewery depends on and supports the local food vendors to keep their patrons in chewable nutrients and focus on liquid grainery.


The Place Is Hoppin', Ha See What I Did There?

First off, they are smart. Taking over a defunct local landmark, they have filled it with literal and literary local history. Brew names, floors from demolished schools have become all sorts of things inside. So if you grew up here, the floors you used to walk on the way to English now take you to beer, and can be served in the same wood if you get a flight.

They are friendly, they are accommodating, they hustle. Only problem is I didnít find much to draw me back on the beer front. Now in all honesty, the two I would most likely have ordered were 86íd for the night. The straightforward porter and the Belgian Trippel, all gone.

We ordered flights of what was left, lighter, sweeter or sour, thinner beers. Except for the Custard Hook, a milk stout which would be right up my alley outside of the forward tartness of raspberry. I like my beers more traditional, weird up my food all day, but the beer, itís just a personal thing, I want the bitter, donít hide it with fruit.


If you are into pales, blondes, fruity shandys, IPAís, cream aleís, and English milds, thereís probably something you could really sink your liver into. Iíll have to check back in when they have more that fits my preference and see how that goes.


The Taps...

...Bring Brew...

...But Nothing Up My Alley Tonight



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