Wing Warehouse 
 Copley, Ohio        Date of Visit  10/01/10

A local bar and grill recently took a new name with a sign that proclaimed chicken wings, and although it is a local franchise we didnít know that until we found it was a Wing Warehouse pulling into the parking lot. With only 11 locations I suppose they can sneak under the no national chains rule here. Having grown up at the original Q-Lube in Sharon, I have great expectations for wings, even though I canít afford Q-Lubes any more. Can the Wing Warehouse stand up to our local wing joint, particularly since our local fav IS a franchise monster? I would love to have an awesome local wing hut!  


Weird Tater Thingys

Well the interior is what you would expect in a good way. Lots of TVs all tuned to sports, rolls of paper towels on the tables, mad dashes around the floor. Loads of promise from the space and our server turned out to be efficient, engaged, and she made for a pleasant trip.

So how was the chow? We ordered Loaded Potato Bitez, two orders of wings one mild one hot garlic parm, and we just had to try the gutter dog. The Potato nuggets which are tots stuffed with bacon, cheese and sour cream and are served with ranch. The first bite was actually pretty good but with each new chomp there was a growing astringent and bitter flavor developing, something like a sauce that has liquid smoke in it does when it is reduced. Hopefully the wings were going to be better.

Again, they were fine but certainly nothing outstanding. They are big. What they need is to hone the sauces which really lacked any serious flavor, the hot garlic parmesan which were listed in the hot section on the menu didnít evince any heat at all and the mildís were summarily lacking.

Very Mild Wings

Not Hot Garlic and Parm

Oh, So Close Gutter Dog

The gutter dog was interesting on the menu and held itís promise to the plate. An all beef dog that is topped with coleslaw, bacon, sauerkraut, steak sauce & chili!!! Oh Deary Dear. Now here is the thing, itís pretty great, all of these things work well together with one small exception, that once realized becomes a larger disappointment. When it comes to the chili, its got a nice flavor until you start chewing the kidney beans. With the pile of stuff on this dog, believe it or not they can all be eclipsed by the beans in the chili, and there are quite a few. Without the beans this tube steak would be weirdly wonderfully exceptional. The fries were hot and very well done, really taking the medal for this trip.

As far as the wings are concerned youíre probably better off at the big local chain, if the warehouse could mix a sauce that can stand up to the wing and cause hankering on an unconscious level like, the Lube's Golden Garlic, Hot, and Buckeye BBQ, or B-Dubs Wild, Hot Garlic,...and and so many others I would give The Wing Warehouse another shot.

Really Good Fries




What's Best

What's Worst

  D B C B D C  
        Fries Lack of Intensity
Except for Beans
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