Yonah Schimmel
 New York, New York         Date of Visit: 07/17/10         

Our time in New York was entirely too short. Then again it would take millennia to stop into every storefront offering sumptuous treats. Fortunately, on the way to lunch this particular day we passed and stopped at the Original Yonah Schimmel Knishery. Having Jewish friends growing up I have had opportunity to try things like knish, gefilte fish, hamentashen, etc.




Yummy Cheesey....well, Yummyness

Our lunch appetizer consisted of a warm apple and cheese knish, enjoyed on the sidewalk. If you are not a fan of more savory cheeses this might not be your cup of tea, but if you enjoy the small-curd and young cheeses this knish is stuffed with lightly sweetened gorgeous. A layer of apple struggles in vain to cut through the richness but still adds a tasty compliment to the warm and toasty pastry. I donít know how many flavors they offer, I never made it inside, but it is a good thing we had another appointment to keep or I might have spent the day on the sidewalk awash in flaky crust and filling. Delicious. If you happen to be strolling the city and see this sign, stop walking and start eating.


  A- ? ? A- N/A A-  
    Don't know, never
made it inside.
Don't know, never
made it inside.
Only had one thing.
It's all they do.
They do it well.
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