Zydeco Bistro
 Cleveland/Wadsworth, Ohio      Date of Visit: 05/18/11        

Gomer Pyle said it best…”Well, Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.” We were headed to a usual haunt and cruising through the metropolis that is downtown Wadsworth we passed a bright Yellow Food Truck. It took a moment to register and we had to circle around the block to get back to find Zydeco Bistro parked in front of Sonnets Espresso Bar and Restaurant. Apparently it is going to be there every Wednesday night while open mic night is going on inside. I don’t know why they leave Cleveland one night a week and journey into Wadsworth. Who cares let’s give it a try.


French Bread Creole...No Thanks

The menu matches the name with Cajun and Creole offerings. Some were delicious surprises and there were a couple that were disappointments but overall we really lucked into an experience. We ordered Crispy Popcorn Wild Rock Shrimp, Poulette Andouille Jambalaya, Pulled Chicken Salad, Cajun Pomme Frites, and French Bread Creole. The prices are steeper than other food trucks we have tried but the service was fast and friendly. I don’t know if you can take your meal into Sonnets, they are serving their own stuff inside but we ate in the car. The French Bread Creole turned out to be a throw away. Slices of bread topped with a slightly spicy and uber chunky tomato based gunk. It took about 30 seconds for the bread to become a soggy mess and that just isn’t my thing. I also didn’t understand what was Cajun about the pommes frites. Warm potato sticks without any detectable seasoning besides salt and a squirt of ketchup…not exactly Cajun.


What Exactly is Cajun About the Fries???


Lots of Delicious Shrimp


The Popcorn shrimp was actually very good with a lot of little shrimpies in a crunchy breading and served with more fries and a shot of cocktail sauce. The shrimp were tender and juicy and got a boost of flavor from the accoutrement. The Jambalaya was of the brown variety with a dose of the same tomato based sauce over the top that worked much better with the rice than it did with the bread. The dish was loaded with spicy andouille sausage and dark meat chicken. The chicken was cooked on the bone which does a lot for flavor but you have to be cautious chomping down as the bones matriculate through the entire dish. Overall, it was scrumptious. The standout dish of the night was the pulled chicken salad. Warm asparagus spears, tender pulled chicken and a mess of different greens. The vinaigrette was bold and just spectacularly tasty.


Nice Spice on the Jambalaya

The Salad Was the Star


Not everything was a hit from the Zydeco Bistro but it is a real treat in Wadsworth nonetheless. If you happen to see a bright yellow truck sitting on the side of the road try some Louisiana fare. Laissez les bon temps rouler! Translation…Let the good times roll.




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