Finally, Just a note…

This has been great fun for years now and has definitely stretched our dining options and our waistbands. I have quite a backlog of restaurants waiting to be overly described by too many words and haven’t been able to bring myself to get them done. Fantastically, it’s because we have some really exciting things going on and I have to make decisions between what will hopefully be important and what has been fun. Fun loses for now. So I’m suspending, if not calling what has been an absolute blast. Thanks to all who participated with us.

Coup de grace – we did finally find our way to the festival of cheese in a puff…turns out…it’s just that, nothing more, certainly a homer thing that I wouldn’t return for but Holy Moses, I certainly wouldn’t argue with the population of the enormous line waiting for bags and bags of them.


Two Years We Waited...Adventures

And It Turned Out To Be A Grilled Cheese With Puffitude

We Are Not Giving Up On Finding Exciting New Places And Experiences...

I'm Just Too Tired To Bore You With Them, At Least For Now.

Thanks, Again...Really, Thanks!




Greetings all,

Welcome to PhD...elicious. I just wanted to throw out a couple of thoughts about why this might exist. Now, I don’t believe my taste buds are so good that I should tell other people what to eat. I don’t get paid to travel around the country eating stuff in some commercial enterprise. In all honesty, this is about 4 things.

First and foremost, my mother told me if I did this, she would put down her smoke-signal blanket and telegraph and get a computer. Welcome to the net age mother dear. I know you think you are going to hate it, and it will be frustrating, but you will likely become addicted.

I'm the Fat One on the Left


An Exotic Fruit Tart Made in School

Second, I do have an education in food that has been followed by years of experiences in kitchens and dining rooms. Actually, I am degreed in both culinary and pastry which has boosted my popularity significantly. I actually have several degrees after high school and while some might think graduate education is a sign of intelligence the smartest thing I ever actually did might be going to culinary school. In working with people one of the easiest common experiences we share is eating. When people discover I am trained as a chef, most eyes light up and we can quickly end up losing track of time as we talk.

Third, I am working on my PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision. Hello Kent Staters! I have survived my course work and comprehensive exams and am currently working on my dissertation. Well to be precise, at the moment I am currently not working on my dissertation. Bad Tom! How does this apply? It seems once you get to this point in education people spend more time trying to teach you how to think rather than what to think. Thoughfulness, research, experimentation, continuing collaboration with other thoughtful people have all change the way I understand and experience food and I am hoping for continued growth.


Fourth, I am hoping in some way this becomes a discussion. I ended up eating at every one of the places on this site because someone else told me about it. So many worthwhile things in the world are created in the discourse between folks and it would be nice to facilitate a small part of the chat. I am hoping you will send some suggestions that will send us on a new adventure. I hope if you flip through the pages you will find something that perks your curiosity and sends you on your own. I mean, you gotta eat…why not spice it up a tick every now and again.

I would like to note that everything contained on these pages are simply my opinion. We also took all of the pictures you will see during our visits. They are what things actually look like when served, not some tarted-up glamour shot. I hope you find things on which to agree and disagree. Be sure to let me know.


Enjoying New Experiences with Friends and Family


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