Finally, Just a note…

This has been great fun for years now and has definitely stretched our dining options and our waistbands. I have quite a backlog of restaurants waiting to be overly described by too many words and haven’t been able to bring myself to get them done. Fantastically, it’s because we have some really exciting things going on and I have to make decisions between what will hopefully be important and what has been fun. Fun loses for now. So I’m suspending, if not calling what has been an absolute blast. Thanks to all who participated with us.

Coup de grace – we did finally find our way to the festival of cheese in a puff…turns out…it’s just that, nothing more, certainly a homer thing that I wouldn’t return for but Holy Moses, I certainly wouldn’t argue with the population of the enormous line waiting for bags and bags of them.


Two Years We Waited...Adventures

And It Turned Out To Be A Grilled Cheese With Puffitude

We Are Not Giving Up On Finding Exciting New Places And Experiences...

I'm Just Too Tired To Bore You With Them, At Least For Now.

Thanks, Again...Really, Thanks!

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The Loveless Cafe
05/18/17 Hattie B's
05/18/17 Goo Goo Shop
05/18/17 Prince's Hot Chicken
05/18/17 Biscuit Love
05/17/17 Husk Nashville
05/17/17 Arnold's Country Kitchen
05/17/17 The Pancake Pantry
05/16/17 Martin's BBQ
05/16/17 Las Paletas
05/16/17 Five Daughters Bakery
05/16/17 Proper Bagel
05/15/17 Edley's BBQ
05/15/17 The Pharmacy
05/11/17 Hofbrauhaus Cleveland
05/10/17 Whitey's Booze & Burgers (2)
04/28/17 JJ's Norton Cafe (Breakfast)
04/22/17 Astro Doughnuts & Chicken
04/21/17 Bad Saint
04/21/17 SUNdeVICH
04/20/17 Bantam King
04/20/17 Jaleo
04/19/17 We The Pizza
04/19/17 Bob's Shanghai 66
04/12/17 Gardner Pie
04/08/17 Jack Flaps
03/16/17 Moe's Restaurant (2)
03/10/17 Dancing Desserts
03/05/17 Wadsworth Brewing Co
03/05/17 Pav's Creamery
03/05/17 Samantha's Restaurant (Dinner)
03/02/17 Winghart's Tavern
02/26/17 Tavern of Independence
02/24/17 Brick Oven Brewpub
02/10/17 JJ's Norton Cafe (Lunch)
01/20/17 Hodge's Cafe (Fish Fry)
01/13/17 Sakura Sushi


Kiflis Restaurant & Bakery
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