A Few Of My Favorite Things

It was inevitable. At some point direct comparisons had to be made so here they are. Some of the categories were
were lengthy some some scrolling will be required, but goodness...we've had some tasty treats...and some...well....

  BBQ Beverages Breakfast Burgers Chicken  
  Desserts Fine Dining Hot Dogs Italian Mexican  
  Pizza Sandwiches, Other Seafood Soup Steak  
    Taters   Trucks    

Just Some Of My Most To Least Favorites...At Least, So Far...From Top to Bottom




DOCG Scott Conant - Las Vegas, NV



Trentina - Cleveland, OH

Four Mind Blowing Pastas




Supper Restaurant - New York, NY

Four Ingredients Will Knock Your Taste Buds Clean Off



Scarsella's - Youngstown, OH

Simple Red Gravy Wins The Day



Marcella's Italian Kitchen - Columbus, OH

Great Twists On Classics



Muscarella's Café - Youngstown, OH

Just Plain Delicious Options



Cassess's MVR - Youngstown, OH

Sauce Wonderful Almost Everything Else As Well



Cafe 422 - Youngstown, OH

Fantastic Francaise Trumps Less Likable Red Sauce


Tre Belle - Akron, OH

Dense Flavor



SantoSuossos' - Medina, OH

Perfect Simple Balance Of Good Ingredients


  Ange Netta's - Youngstown, OH

Zucchini Parm Is Killer


  Mulberry Italian Ristorante - Buffalo, NY

Thanks Diners Drive-Ins & Dives


  Guarino's - Cleveland, OH

Murray Hill Does It Old School


  Antenucci's Restaurant - Youngstown, OH

Herbaceous Sauces. Will Be Missed


  Antone's Italian Grille - Youngstown, OH

Monkey Salad


Central Grocery - New Orleans, LA

The Muffaletta


Marie's Restaurant - Wadsworth, OH

Cheesy Classics


Mount Carmel Festival (Downtown) - Youngstown, OH

Polenta & Cavs Overcome Some Misses


Taverne of Richfield - Richfield, OH

For The Sauce And Nothing Else



Flour - Cleveland, OH

Some Okay; A Couple Stupendous


  Nicolinni's - Akron, OH

Some Interesting; Some Great


  Danny Boys - Canton, OH

Ohhh, The Bread



  D'Agnese's - Akron, OH

Surprising Find In Akron



  Roberto's - Youngstown, OH

Interesting Departures





Sugo Bistro - Cuyahogo Falls, OH

Blue Cheese Lasagna? Yes Yes Yes



No Pictures...Booo.


Jimmy's Italian Specialties - Youngstown, OH

You're Lookin At It




  Papa Joe's - Akron, OH

Slid On Second Trip


  Dona Vito's Italian - Youngstown, OH

Pretty Good


Bugsy's House of Pasta - Massillon, OH

Pretty Good Options Slayed By Disgusting Meatballs


Russo's - Akron, OH

Best Of Pasta, Sandpaper Meatballs


  Vito Corleone - Canton, OH

So Close


  Cristo's House of Pasta - Barberton, OH

Surprising Improvement On Second Trip


  Piola - Washington, D.C

Better Than Many


  Margherita's - Youngstown, OH

Miss The Old Place's Food...A Lot


  Mary Coyle/Michael Trecaso - Akron, OH



Chad Anthony's Italian Grille - Youngstown, OH

Some Basics Slipping As Son Takes Over

  Parassons - Barberton, OH



Craft Beer Bar - Akron, OH

Not A Single Italian In This Kitchen. Bolognese Doesn't Just Mean Meat


Angie's - Barberton, OH

Woof. The Lasagna Was Tragic On Second Trip

Samantha's Restaurant - Canton, OH

Lasagnas Continue To Slide


  Vaccaro's Tratorria - Akron, OH

Only Redeeming Dish Not Italian


Dontino's - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Unforgivable Meatball Disaster


Tomaso - Barberton, OH

Burnt Sauce



Palombo's Italian Restaurant - Canton, OH

Half Burnt, Half Cold. Soup Kept Them Higher


  Battistas Hole in the Wall - Las Vegas, NV

Sorry Sauce


Tim's Pizzeria & Pub - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Sauce Devoid Of Flavor


  Mr. G's Pizza - Akron, OH

If It's Brown It's Cooked...If It's Black It's _______!


  Amato's - Barberton, OH

Just Plain Bad


Fiore's Ristorante - Akron, OH

Diving For A Tie At The Bottom

  The Spaghetti Warehouse - Akron, OH

Embarrassingly Gross