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Bouchon Breakfast - Las Vegas, NV Barry Dyngles - Youngstown, OH A Cookie & A Cupcake - Cleveland, OH Al's Beef - Chicago, IL Antone's Italian Grille - Youngstown, OH 42nd St. Oyster Bar - Raleigh, NC Aladdin's - Montrose, OH Belgrade Gardens - Barberton, OH Amato's - Barberton, OH  Otto Moser's - Cleveland, OH
Bouchon Dinner - Las Vegas, NV Casa Del Rio - Wadsworth, OH Ala Mode Café - Akron, OH Al's Corner - Barberton, OH Belly Buster BBQ - Ashland, OH American Coney Island - Detroit, MI Cilantro - Akron, OH Blue Wolf Tavern - Youngstown, OH Legends - Akron, OH Sully's Irish Bar - Medina, OH
Charlie Trotters - Chicago, IL CraftSteak - Las Vegas, NV Antenucci's Restaurant - Youngstown, OH Ange Netta's - Youngstown, OH Bistro on Main - Kent, OH Barn Stone Café - Wooster, OH Gus's Chalet - Akron, OH Bullies BBQ - Medina, OH Progressive Field - Cleveland, OH The Spaghetti Warehouse - Akron, OH
Momocho - Cleveland, OH Dockside Dave's - St. Pete Beach, FL B-Spot Burgers, Cleveland, OH BB Kings Blues Club - Las Vegas, NV BLT Burger - Las Vegas, NV Bella Habana - St. Pete Beach, FL Heavenly Cupcakes - Kent, OH Franks Bratwurst - Cleveland, OH Spunkmeyer's Pub - Wadsworth, OH The Sub Station - Wadsworth, OH
Top Secret - Not Gonna Gene's & Jude's - Chicago, IL Carneigie Deli - Las Vegas, NV Bill's Gyro - Atlantic City, NJ Blue Canyon - Cleveland, OH Casa Ramirez - Youngstown, OH Vaccaro's Tratorria - Akron, OH Margherita's - Youngstown, OH Uptown Deli - Barberton, OH wichcraft - Las Vegas, NV
  Hot Doug's - Chicago, IL Chap's Charcoal - Baltimore, MD Brassa - Cleveland, OH Cleat's - Wadsworth, OH Comerica Park - Detroit, MI Wild Goats Café - Kent, OH Mike's Place - Kent, OH    
  Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams - Columbus, OH Fat Cat's - Cleveland, OH Burger Bar - Las Vegas, NV Cuban Revolution - Durham, NC Crabby Bills - St. Pete Beach, FL   The Galaxy - Wadsworth, OH    
  Jib Jab - Youngstown, OH Green Diamond Grille - Barberton, OH Cajun Dave's - Kent, OH DK Diner - Columbus, OH Drakes Landing - Youngstown, OH        
  Johnnies Charcoal Sausage - Chicago, IL High Pointe Tavern - Youngstown, OH Canton Dockside - Baltimore, MD Dona Vito's Italian - Youngstown, OH Gasoline Alley - Akron, OH        
  Lobel's - New York, NY Jimmy's Italian Specialites - Youngstown, OH David Burke's Primehouse - Chicago, IL Hudson's - Akron, OH Giesen Haus - Canton, OH        
  Lola Bistro - Cleveland, OH Los Gallos - Youngstown, OH Diamond Deli - Akron, OH Joey's Southside Burgers - Medina, OH Grand Lux Café - Las Vegas, NV        
  Mr. Beef's - Chicago, IL Mulligan's - Canton, OH DiVitis - Akron, OH Luigi's Pizza - Akron, OH Hot Sauce Williams - Cleveland, OH        
  Muscarella's Café - Youngstown, OH Noodle Asia - Las Vegas, NV Fahrenheit - Cleveland, OH Marie's Pizza - Wadsworth, OH L' Atelier du Joel Robuchon - Las Vegas, NV        
  Obrycki's Seafood - Baltimore, MD Primanti's - Pittsburgh, PA Fathead's - Pittsburgh, PA Mellow Mushroom - Durham, NC Lopez on Lee - Cleveland, OH        
  RM Seafood - Las Vegas, NV Primo's Deli - Akron, OH Freebournes - Laurel Canyon, NC Nick Anthe's - Akron, OH Lou Malnati's - Chicago, IL        
  Sinatra - Las Vegas, NV Slow's BarBQ - Detroit, MI Garrett's Popcorn - Chicago, IL Old Carolina Q - Akron, OH Mary Coyle/Michael Trecaso - Akron, OH        
  Slyman's Deli - Cleveland, OH Steve's Gyros - Cleveland, OH Gervasi Vineyard - Canton, OH Paralax - Cleveland, OH Medina Steakhouse and Saloon - Medina, OH      
  Supper Restaurant - New York, NY Taggarts - Canton, OH Guarino's - Cleveland, OH Pizzaria Uno - Chicago, IL Melt Bar and Grilled - Cleveland, OH        
  Tableau - Las Vegas, NV Ted Peter's Famous Smoked Fish - St. Pete Beach, FL Hickory Bar and Grill - Hermitage, PA Pub Bricco - Akron, OH Mr. G's Pizza - Akron, OH        
  The Pit - Raleigh, NC The Corkscrew Saloon - Medina, OH Jean Philippe Patisserie - Las Vegas, NV Sakura Sushi - Akron, OH Mr. Zub's  Akron, OH        
  Thurman Café - Columbus, OH The Hartville Kitchen - Hartville, OH Kasai - Wadsworth, OH Taco Tonto's - Kent, OH Old Harbor Inn - Akron, OH        
  West Side Market - Cleveland, OH   Ko Kyu BBQ Truck - Durham, NC Torrisi's Italian Specialites - New York, NY Schmidt's Sausage Haus - Columbus, OH        
  Xoco - Chicago, IL   Kravitz's Deli - Youngstown, OH Change Winston's Tavern - Youngstown, OH Silver Springs Mining Co - Baltimore, MD        
  Yonah Schimmel - New York, NY   Lafayette Coney Island - Detroit, MI Zydeco Bistro - Wadsworth, OH Station Square - Youngstown, OH        
      Maha Falafil - Cleveland, OH   Sweet Henries - Barberton, OH        
      Main Street Continental Grill - Kent, OH   Thanos - Barberton, OH        
      Moe's Restaurant - Akron, OH   The Statosphere - Las Vegas, NV        
      Nicolinni's - Akron, OH   The Waterloo - Akron, OH        
      Pad Thai - Akron, OH   The Yankee Kitchen - Youngstown, OH        
      Papa Joe's - Akron, OH   Tomaso - Barberton, OH        
      Pink's - Las Vegas, NV   U.S. Cellular Field, Chicago, IL        
      Ray's Place - Kent, OH   Wing Warehouse - Akron, OH        
      Scarsellas - Youngstown, OH   Zooza Crackers - Las Vegas, NV        
      Snappers - St. Pete Beach, FL            
      Sokolowski's Villiage Inn - Cleveland, OH            
      Steve's Dakota Grill - Medina, OH            
      Swenson's Drive In - Akron, OH            
      The Cookout - Durham, NC            
      Tommy's - Cleveland, OH            
      Twigs - Barberton, OH            
      Uptown Pizza - Youngstown, OH            
      Wynn Buffet - Las Vegas, NV