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This was harder to figure out than I expected. Every place was always going to get a short narrative, but it seems as though there should be some more quantifiable data. So, as I have spent more time teaching in the past couple of years than I had ever expected, it only makes sense to do ratings by grades. I imagine everyone is familiar with the concept and I have gotten more comfortable with assigning them, so there you go. If you take a look below you will find what it takes to earn each grade at PhDelicious.

To earn a C the expectation is perfectly average. If itís a McDonalds you expect it to be consistent with every other McDonalds plus hot and fast. If itís a four star place you're going to go for completely different reasons. To receive a C you have created some sense of promise or one exists about your style of restaurant and you did exactly what we were expecting.


Below C Level

This is a place that has made some promise and failed to keep that promise. It doesnít mean that I would never go back to give them another opportunity, but there will have to be some reason to return.

Who cares about the promises etc? I donít care if itís free, I donít care if itís served by nude angels whose touch offers enlightenment and the meaning of life, I am not going back. Simply horrifying! Find another line of work you are wasting your time in a colossal and self-abusive manner.


Above C Level

Went with expectations in mind and left surprised in a pleasant way by what was actually offered. These are the places you have to return to in an effort to ensure this particular magic happens all the time.

This is not easy to achieve. Before the days of grade inflation this referred to excellent work. In this space, excellent work means an experience in which the expectations are exceeded in a way that could not be imagined prior to the experience itself. Aís are rare and the result of a transcendent experience.


+'s or -'s can be added to further quantify differences between different reviews.


Changes in Overall  Scores
Significant changes have been made in the overall scores and how future overall scores will be tallied. If you would like to know what and why check out Random Thoughts, Here.

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