Brecksville, Ohio        Date of Visit  08/09/16         

We’re in Brecksville again and have a chance to grab some dinner on the way out of town. Only after we go, do we find out their other location is much closer to us. The Brecksville shop is small and is pretty busy. Short bar, few tables, aisle of bottles for consumption or sale. The service was clearly struggling. There was someone working behind the bar who seemed to be on top of everything, but the rest of the floor staff, including a guy on his first day, didn’t appear to have any plan, organization, or oomph.

The Reason To Come

There is a small menu of appetizers and flat breads, plus a couple of salads and desserts. They are very wine centric and there are plenty of options for folks to try. I also think their menu is a significant afterthought, if not just a way to get people to sit longer and order another drink.

From my singular experience, it seems minimal thought and effort is put into the non-grape portion of the program. We did try the vintners squeezings with a dark and woody malbec and a ridiculously sweet and round moscato. We also brought a couple bottles of the sweet stuff home. I might even be sent for another bottle in the future…not going to return for the food.

We started with the sriracha hummus. I will say the assorted veggies were fine, especially the pickled peppers. The hummus was mediocre and past the stripes dribbled atop the bowl, I would never have guessed sriracha, not even roasted red pepper actually.


We Did Find Some Worth In The Glasses

Just Not Much On Plates...Nice Veggies...Lackluster Hummus


Two flat breads, angry chicken and fig and prosciutto, completed the day. It’s hard to go wrong with sweet fig spread and salty prosciutto, and realistically they didn’t go wrong. But it was much like the hummus, it seemed the ultimate outcome of two questions…what can we buy at Giant Eagle that we can have a non-cook cook in a toaster oven?

A few rungs down the ladder was the “angry” chicken which turned out to be mildly irked if anything. The “spicy” buffalo sauce lacked any spice at all and if there was any it was beaten into submission by the zig zags of sauce on top. There was also supposed to be bleu (blue) cheese in there somewhere but I think they may have mistaken the color on the wrapper of mozzarella for the type of cheese.

Bummer. It actually jades me some towards believing they put much effort into their wine program either, but that might be as much me as they.

Two Slices Of Functional

Far From Angry Chicken

Fig Better, but Has Been Done So Much Better Elsewhere



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