93 Prime
 Akron, Ohio        Date of Visit  06-06-14          

We heard a commercial driving to work, which made the new operation at the old Anthe’s sound fantastic so we gave them a shot. After going to the wrong closed Anthe’s location (Nick Anthe’s) we pulled into the right one, although I found the name so many different ways (Prime, 93 Prime, Prime at Anthe’s, etc.) I still wasn’t sure. The place looks similar to how I remember it years ago, kinda classy, only now it seems a little stilted for the much more casual clientele. The service was relatively efficient but had moments of awkward thrown in.



Sourdough Pepperoni Roll Oversold But Still Pretty Good

We ended up ordering two appetizers and entrees, a gander at the dessert tray didn’t entice enough to garner anything additional, plus we were stuffed. One of the appetizers was a source of raves on the commercial, the pepperoni bread. Made with their housemade sourdough, three cheeses and pepperoni, the elongated roll is apparently deep fried (like you do) and served with marinara and alfredo sauces for dipping. It was pretty good but it sounds better than it actually turns out being, and certainly didn’t earn the paid-for hullabaloo on the radio.

The marinara is dark and dusky with a wide spice not herby profile and the alfredo was pretty average. I really liked the tang of the sourdough against the peppery sausage but the frying gave the bread a difficult to chew texture and there was so much parm sprinkled on top, it was a challenge to taste anything else depending on which piece you grabbed. The thing tasted like it should have looked similar to the desk at the end of Scarface. I like cheese, a bunch, but some balance is required.


In a strange twist of events, Steph ordered the Olivation Sampler. Black olives stuffed with Asiago, sundried tomatoes and herbs and Spanish olives with chorizo, cheddar and herbs. Both are breaded and deep fried and served with a dill aioli and fried spinach. Seen fried spinach before…still don’t get it. Just cause you can doesn’t mean you have to. The chorizo were much better, delivering a punch of flavor where the black olives tasted more like breading than anything else.

After we ordered the appetizers we discovered you get rolls, salad and bean salad. The pepperoni roll was very bready…I haven’t been eating a lot of bread…I chowed down the sourdough roll anyways. The bean salad is a hold over from the old regime and is one of those things to which locals get weirdly attached. It’s fine for a mayo loaded bowl of beans with some seasoning. Meh. The side salad was no different than the beans.


One Of These Is Better Than The Other

Can You Just Order The Spanish?

More Bread...Ooops. Mine Disappeared

This Is The "Magic" Concoction Every Talks About?
  Steph ordered the seared Ahi tuna with a sesame crust and a little cup of burre blanc and another of a zippier Asian sauce. The tuna wasn’t going to be as beautiful as our recent trip to Blue Point Grille but it was clean and fresh, making it better than many we have had to chew like gum. The soy based sauce just seems to work so much better with the nearly raw and fatty fish than the butter laden blanc, just a bit too much. One cuts through the richness and the other just lays atop it. She was happy with the tuna. Still unhappy with the dish. There was a slaw of some type which I didn’t taste…but after watching her face I had no interest. She had also upgraded her starch to the Shitake and truffle oil risotto. This rice was tragic. The consistency and look of a full diaper and, I imagine, little difference in taste. Just plain horrible all the way around.

The Tuna Wasn't Bad At All

But This Was A Sloppy Pile Of Garbage
The 93 Marsala caught my attention and our server said she got a lot of happy compliments about it. Bone in pork chop and garlic mash all coated with a dark, sweet and tangy wine sauce. I was pleased when the server asked for a doneness on the pork. They didn’t quite hit it but it did mean I had something juicy instead of a hockey puck. Nice. The mash was well done and the mushrooms in the sauce added a nice earthiness against the sweet wine, where was that in the risotto? While some parts of our meal were above average, I don’t find myself yearning for a return visit.

The Marsala Chop Was Much Better

And Close To The Asked For Temp



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