Alumni Inn
 Youngstown, Ohio         Date of Visit  12/29/16  
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Before today, I knew not a single thing about the Alumni Inn in Girard. I’ve been close enough to hit it with a golf ball hundreds of times but didn’t even know it existed. Today I know three things in addition to its existence. One. They serve what is proclaimed to be the “Original” hot sausage sandwich, it comes with fries. Two. My Dad used to deliver one of these original masterworks to my Mom after golf outings (Two b: this means my mom enjoys hot sausage sandwiches!?!) when they wouldn’t be sharing dinner. Three. It is a much different sandwich than I expected.



My three fragments of new knowledge have only raised a myriad of mysteries. My mom ate hot sausage sandwiches? Happily? Greedily? Reluctantly? She seemed to enjoy it tonight! How does anyone know this place exists? Original for where, Girard?, Ohio?, America?, the World?!? What else is on the menu? Seriously. I have no idea.

Mom said they have hot sausage sandwiches. There is a billboard sized sign out front that said they have hot sausage sandwiches. The bartender/cook/manager/server/probably accountant and lawyer asked what’ll ya have and I was afraid to ask what the options were. We had three hot sausage sandwiches. That might be all there is. I’ll have to find out and report back.

She was nice and somehow managed to keep all fourteen hats perched securely on her head. The mildly inebriated few-beers-between-work-and-home-crowd argued politics and news and hunting season with varied vigor…dependent on the number of beers consumed.

Yay Vinegar

Not At All What I Expected

In Any Way Shape Or Form

Won't Be My Last

We got a full basket of fries some ketchup and vinegar. Tasty…a bit off on the texture front, a little mealy, but tasty. Even more so with a squirt of vinegar and dusting of salt. They didn’t sit on the table long. Then came the three baskets of sandwiches, two with everything (peppers, onions, & cheese) one just cheese. Nothing like I had expected. Expecting a thick hot dog of some sort, we instead found thick slabs of Italian bread, super yeasty and flavorful from a long rise are stuffed with a reddish slab of spicy sausage and cemented together with melted cheese. Add sautéed peppers and onions and you got yourself a sammitch. An original hot sausage sandwich to be clear. These adventures are still fun. I wonder if/what else they have there? I’ll probably have the original regardless




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