Angie's Restaurant (Second Visit)
Barberton, Ohio    Date of Visit:  02/21/14
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It’s been years since we had been to Angie’s so, in our new fashion, we’re back. Holy Moses, does anyone in Barberton eat at home, or anywhere else? The place is packed, tables are close to use every square foot and there isn’t a seat to be had. Beside that, the place remains the same. Our server was certainly rushed but efficient in most regards.

We decided to try some other options and we ended up rending success right into even thirds. I’ll start with the good stuff. We ordered their “famous” meatball splash. Open-faced, little mounds of meatballs pushing up through a layer of meat sauce and melted cheese. There was really nothing to dislike about this. The meatballs are large and fine grained with a well seasoned meatcentric flavor. The toasting on the bun helps it stand up to the sauce which has a definitively sweet note, apparently enhanced by the blast in the sally to melt the cheese. Famous…? Perfectly, good…yes.


A Pretty Tasty Meatball Splash

With Really Pretty Good Meatballs


Unique And Tasty Wings Came With...

...Something Not Quite Right

  The surprise was the wings. We ordered half a dozen mild, they were huge, bordering on legs almost. They arrived steaming hot and juicy. The browned garb clinging to the outside was unique enough to make me ponder for a minute. If I had to nail it down, there is something in the breading on the wings (oh yeah, they’re breaded) that makes me think of ginger snaps. Maybe, it's ginger snaps. It’s not a lot, whatever it is, but there is a distinct and unique bite to the wings. Good thing too, since the cup of medium sauce and the blue cheese they arrived with both looked broken, like both were made with lots of butter and had separated. The wings didn’t need either.

The middle third were the salad and the tiny cup of cottage cheese. Nothing remotely unexpected there, except their Italian salad dressing is still pink. Looks like pepto tastes like vinaigrette.


Teeny Tine Side Of Cottage Cheese

Only The Dressing Stands Out...In The Dark

  The lower third of the scale started with the zucchini. Sliced into rounds the veggies were battered and fried. Given the wings I would have expected fair if not above average, but alas. The veg itself was over-submerged and mushy. If they use the same dredge or batter they use on the wings, then the zucchini have a magical power to withdraw anything akin to flavor from the crust. Order more wings instead.

The tragedy that still sticks with me was the lasagna. First, it’s filled with cottage cheese. It’s not unheard of, especially when you are trying to stretch a buck, but in an “Italian” restaurant. Come on! Then, don’t try to season it or anything, that would be…well…tasty. As a matter of fact, the whole savory napoleon was drab and uninspired. The same meat sauce from the sandwich sorely missed the screaming hot flash under the broiler and was a completely different topping in a sad, sad way. The more I think about it the more I can’t believe it’s the same sauce. There were intermittent peppers and other veggies with the lasagna but no sign of any of that on the sub. I don’t know. What I do know is avoid the lasagna, unless you are visiting someone you don’t particularly care for. We finished with a just functional piece of tiramisu and a lot of lasagna. Angie’s is fine, but know what to order.


Underwhelming Fried Veggie Coins

Tirimisu Wasn't Bad


This Can't Be The Same Sauce

Now I Know Why The Side Of Cottage Cheese Is So Small, It's All Here

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  B C Service was much less friendly, and dinner was less good, especially the atrocious lasagne.  
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Angie's Restaurant (Original Visit)
 Barberton, Ohio        Date of Visit  09-02-10              No Known Website

This is getting a little ridiculous, every time I head down the road into Barberton I find another little treasure I did not expect. Angie’s just happens to be a restaurant we passed on the way to another restaurant. Italian in Barberton, okay let’s see. I don’t know what it is, I have lived in Wadsworth on and off for around almost 20 years now and I had always seen Barberton as a more rural and likely dirtier neighbor. How odd, I had been past these places for decades and never bothered to stop in for whatever preconceived notion or other. I gotta be honest, when it comes to hospitality Barberton just kills Wadsworth. Outside of Casa, Kasai, and Marie’s it seems Wadsworth is drive thru or dreck, where Barberton has these interesting little joints all over the place. Angie’s is another.



Good Standard Pizza Joint Salad

I have been constantly surprised by how nice many of these places are inside. Angie’s is no different. Well designed and comfy inside we were greeted by a young hostess and server duo who were on top of everything throughout the night. I was particularly impressed by our server, who although she was obviously waiting for us as her last table to get out for the night, never gave the push so she could get on to her evening. She even gave a little wave on the way to the car as we were chatting in the parking lot.

I only tried a couple of things but I did get to lay eyes on the Italian Sub which is served with a pink…yes pink Italian Dressing. I like to think the sandwich is as good as the dressing, although I’m not certain about the whole pink thing, nothing stands out flavor wise that would explain the color. Makes me wonder if the color is just that. The pizza was pretty good if a little pedestrian. The chicken parmesan was also tasty and better than I had expected for the area. Angie’s is a reasonable and solid family place I’m certain we will try again.


Italian Sub

Chix Parm

Pizza is fine



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