Belly Buster BBQ
 Ashland, Ohio        Date of Visit: 12/31/10

Headed down to Ashland to get outfitted, I looked up a number of restaurants in the area and printed out a list of possibles which I promptly left sitting on the printer when we left. Instead we cruised down State Route 250 and tried to remember what was on the list. We passed the sign for Belly Buster's BBQ and given our hunger could stand to go no further. Oh dear, another Q joint in a strip mall. Well, Old Carolina turned out to be pretty good, and we strolled in. The interior is relatively clean and looks like it belongs in a strip mall. the huge menu is written out on a board on the wall and several sheets of paper heralded specials or other additions. We thought we would stick to the basics.



Passable Mac and Cheese

For lunch we both ordered sandwiches, one brisket and one chicken. There are a number of sides available and we put in for the fries, mac and cheese, and cornbread. The room is so clean it looks relatively new. There was one thing they ought take heed of though. When you have a saucy joint, wiping the tables is not enough. Bottles of vinegar and ketchup were crusty and greasy. Ewwwww!

The baskets were out quickly and we were in business. The macaroni could use a touch or two to make it something memorable and the corn bread had a sour and off-putting taste. Those were the disappointments. The sign out front screams Authentic Southern Q, and if the sandwiches are an indication they have that much down. The chicken was just kissed with a sweet and spiced sauce that resulted in a really nice combination. The fries were really well done. I was really happy with my basket. The brisket was beefy and was super tender while still retaining a nice tear. I have been wondering ever since about many of the other things on the menu (catfish, smoked burgers, ribs, soups...) and I imagine them to be tasty as well. Looking forward to finding another reason to get back to Ashland.

Excellent Brisket Sandwich

The Whole Basket

Really Nice Chicken Sammy



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