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 Cleveland, Ohio (Mayfield)      Date of Visit  12/02/12 

We were driving through Mayfield on our first trip to church in sometime, we have a long way to go to make the hour seem worthwhile, and passed a sign in a strip mall that by name alone claims to have the best gyros. Steph was pulled in by the neon sign in the window which promised hot corned beef. After the service we pulled in just ahead of a downpour. A rangy kitchen fills the space with a tiny area left over for a little shelf and some chairs. They seemed to be doing a great deal of carryout and delivery business.



Ready To Go Gyro Fixins For Those In A Hurry

We sat close to the door to avoid the leak in the roof and watched the staff go to work. The cook in the back reminded me a little of the bad guy in the horrible Stallone movie “Cobra”, just much nicer as he stopped by to make sure we were enjoying everything.

I ordered a specialty gyro, they have a few…Cajun spiced, Spicy Hot, Atomic with a warning, BBQ, Bourbon, American (with fries, ketchup, mustard, tomato and onion), Greek boy (fries, BBQ sauce and coleslaw), Eggs and Cheese, etc. The list goes on. I ordered the Cleveland Special with onion rings and Steph the Reuben with fries. There is a sign on the wall that says the best corned beef in town which was difficult to believe given the other options in the area. And they are lying. The Reuben was downright nasty with a singular chemical note to the corned beef and nothing else to redeem it. Many places have become famous for piling on the corned beef…they would improve the sandwich by reducing the meat. Go to Slyman’s if you are looking for corned beef in Cleveland.

DO NOT Believe The Best Corned Beef Sign!

Cleveland Specialty Gyro With Onion & Pierogi Was AT Least Better

Avoid This Waste

And Stick With The Fries

The fries were pretty good and the onion rings weren’t. The batter on the rings reminded me of the onion flavored rounds from Burger King, I would have gone with the fries.

The gyros are much better. They wouldn’t compete with Bill’s in Atlantic City but they are pretty good and the specialty numbers were much better than they sounded at first. The Cleveland comes with standard gyro meat and fixin’s plus grilled onions and three fried pierogies. I’ve never been to a place that has dressed up gyros the way pizza and burgers are nowadays but it worked. We tried the baklava after two totally disappointing versions lately and ended up buying half a dozen to take home. Flaky and lightly sweet. Nothing like the sweaty soupy versions that had been plaguing us. Since we were ordering again I added another special to take home…Nacho. Dosed with cheese, tomato, onion and jalapenos the gyro meat was served over tortilla chips instead of in a pita. The chips didn’t hold up well but the salty yellow cheese was tasty on the gyro out of the nuke box. I’m curious about some of the other specialty numbers, not a bad idea overall.


How's That For A Gyro...Pretty Good Actually

They Do Get Killer Baklava



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