Bill's Gyro,  Atlantic City

Found this by complete accident. Staying on the Boardwalk before a fight we meandered up and down the coastline looking for something on which to snack and there are a lot of options. Upon stumbling into Billís it took only moments for us to realize we had found a Mecca of away-from-home happiness. All of the employees speak Spanish (always a good sign) save for a singular older man who speaks with a marked Greek accent.

If you should happen to find yourself in Atlantic City and decide to try the Gyro be sure to go all out and get the Feta cheese, itís the real stuff and it is the fairy dust of the gyro world. The souvlaki is also excellent.

Being Atlantic City you can also get your load on at Billís all times of the day and night, fight nights have gone well for us there, but I have seen fanís from the other corner drowning their sorrows in Jaeger while consoling their bad intentions with a stellar gyro, with Feta of course





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