Bistro on Main (Second Visit)
 Akron, Ohio         Date of Visit:  06/04/15
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A second trip to the Bistro on Main and I’m still not quite sure what to do with them. The food is easily a notch up from just about anyone else in the area. We had well made bread and olivey oil, nice but standard salad, a rich soup, two entrees and two teeny desserts all for $13.13 apiece. Quite a deal. I had the tender pot roast with crispy red potato goat cheese, arugula, and pepper corned green beans. It lacked beef flavor but the veg was excellent. Steph’s baked sweet potato gnocchi with more goat cheese, caramelized onion, spinach, a sage and maple Sriracha BBQ drizzle and a choice of pulled pork or portabello (we had the pork) was excellent top to bottom.


  Just a great mélange of texture and flavor. The little carrot cake and chocolate custard were tasty but could have held more to the promise from the menu, all in all, it should be a great place for lunch. It should be. Should be.

They even have specials. In a nod to the Lego Movie…Thursday is Taco Tuesday. But like the movie…the special never really shows up until an hour and a half have gone by. We ordered off of a prix fixe menu, salad (done), soup (done), entrée’s (warm and serve), cake and pudding (both done and done). We sat for an hour and a half and had to ask for the desserts to go at noon on a Thursday.

If you have no job, if your job doesn’t care whether you are actually there or not, you can find a good lunch at a nice price. If you have a job, lunch at the Bistro may cost you more than you could afford. Such a disappointment that it’s not a place we could consider on a workday when we’re in the area.


Good Bread & Great Oil Started Us Off

Salad Is A Little Dated But Tasty

The Chowder Is Rich & Quickly Gone

Taco Tuesday Actually Is On Thursday

Great Veggies Of Pretty Fair Roast

The Sweet Tater Gnocchi & Tasty Accompaniment

Wee Desserts...

Are Fine
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Bistro on Main 
 Kent, Ohio               Date of Visit  04/01/10            

Birthday dinner number one. Looking to enjoy something new for the wife’s b-day we decided to try a little place on the Falls/Kent border that looked pretty nice online. It looked pretty nice in reality as well and we were ushered to a corner table in the lounge. In a rare occurrence even though we were very early for the dinner rush and the place was nearly empty by the time we arrived, the service was prompt and attentive. It’s always disappointing when you are the only cover in the place and you wait twice as long as you do when they are slammed, not the case here.



Outstanding Fontina Crab Dip

We scored a split decision on the appetizers. The lobster and salmon eggrolls I thought had an interesting flavor when complimented by a ponzu-type sauce. My view was not shared. We were both distracted by the total lack of texture in the egg rolls, imagine warm sea-baby-food and you will have the idea.

This was immediately counterbalanced by the tasting of the crab fontina dip. First, had we known it was going to be this huge we would have skipped the entrees, and definitely the eggrolls. Standout, balanced flavors alongside a pile of light crispy toast points of focaccia. Entirely more lump crab meat was resting at the bottom of the crock than I had expected, this dish was worth the trip right there. The salad was fresh and tasty and the kitchen split the salad before arrival for our convenience. The bread (house made) was fresh and accompanied by a garlicky oil.

Steph tried the scallop dish with the squash risotto. The scallop was well cooked and well seasoned. The rice tasted just fine, but I still haven’t found a kitchen that can hold a risotto without it being blown in the reheat.

Eggrolls if you fear chewing

Tasty Salad

Scallops saved the overblown Risotto
  I started my “adult” mac-n-cheese with lobster and chorizo sausage but couldn’t get far in after being compelled to keep eating the crab dip until the entrees arrived.  The lobster and sausage made for a nice combination and I was surprised by how "at-home" the crispy spinach seemed underneath it all. It was loaded with more than expected lobster and well balanced, my only complaint was some additional sauce would have brought everything together in a very mac-n-cheesey way and intensified the cheese flavor which wasn’t competing well with the other ingredients. The mac-n-cheese topped with the remaining fontina crab dip made a far above average lunch later that week.

The Bistro turns out to be a snazzy little joint in an unexpected place. There are a couple of items that could use some tweaking, but how many places are there where would that not apply?

Adult Mac-n-Cheese




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        Fontina Crab Dip Eggrolls of mush    
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