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This is bad. Really bad. A couple of weeks ago I accused my father-in-law of holding out on me with his burger expertise and it resulted in some more suggestions. With our latest stop, I now feel encouraged to make all sorts of wild accusations to see what I can get out of it. A couple more trips to Bobís might send me on a finger-pointing bender and make me even more intolerable than I already am. Bobs is at best a shack. A little white square with a few seats on East Ave. in Akron. If you remember how enamored I was with Mr. Beefs in Chicago, I would have sworn there was no such thing in Akron, Ohio that would hit on all of those same nails. Bobís did just that.



Everything Comes Off This Tiny Grill

Letís reminisce for a moment. Mr. Beefís reeks of time, lack of pretention, simplicity and solid but scrumptious vittles. Bobís does the same. The menu is a little more diverse than Mr. Beefs with breakfast, chili, a couple other sandwiches and fried sides in addition to the burgers. These sandwiches have been delivered across the counter since 1931. Thatís 81 years, almost a decade of service before the world went to war for the second time. The service is friendly and moves at a moderate but unapologetic pace with everything but the soup being cooked to order.

If you are into the gourmetization of the classic burger, donít darken the door. If you are curious how this little sandwich became synonymous with American cuisine along with BBQ, the hot dog and apple pie, rush to Bobís. They close by 3:00 every day except for Saturday when they stretch the day to 4:00. We ordered two cheeseburgers with everything plus an order of fries and an order of onion rings.


Simple Beauty

The Straightforward Condiment & Veggie Mix Is Exquisite

Fries And...

...Rings Are Just Right

The kitchen has a little back area where I assume the frying takes place and a three foot wide flat-top that has been seasoned by who knows how many burgers. The fries are straight forward and gorgeous. Skin on and fried just past golden brown they are delicious. The rings had some trouble holding onto the breading but the thick slices of onion and delectable crunchy breading were wonderful.

The burgers start out as a round orb of ground beef which is then pressed into the grill to create a serious crust across the entire patty. A slice of American and standard bun are all fine and dandy. The everything at Bobís is mustard, pickle, onion, lettuce and Bobís Special Sauce. Thatís right, no ketchup like a hot dog in Chicago.


Donít despair tomato farmersÖBobís special sauce is obviously ketchup based and comes across much like a cocktail sauce. It sort of defies description but the two condiments with the finely cut fresh onion, lettuce and dill pickle chips combine with the patty and cheese to make something memorable. Easily one of the best burgers Iíve ever had. Simplicity = Stupendous.

In a weird twist to complete the association with Mr. Beef's Elegant Dining RoomÖBobís has The Bahama Room which is every bit as Tropical as the first is elegant. I couldnít help but think of Chicago. The door at Bobís continually opened as locals had called in orders for pickup and a number of obvious regulars occupied seats and conversed with the staff and enjoyed exceptionally well done classics. I will be back.

The Bahama Room



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