Bob's Shanghai 66
 Washington D.C.      Date of Visit  04/19/17       Facebook Page

In all honesty, our first stop in D.C. had great reviews which they just weren’t going to live up to. The place is the quintessential strip mall Chinese, lots of chairs, nothing as clean as you would like it to be. I’m unsure if the service was as uncomfortable as it was due to cultural differences or just personal ones but our server stood at the table staring at us (I took as impatiently) all while talking loudly on the phone plugged into her ear. I almost randomly pointed at the menu and accidently ordered the intestines and duck blood with chili sauce just to make her stroll away for a second. Of course, once we got our order in…she was completely done with us.



Inside The Kitchen

Our first arrival is my litmus test for this kind of menu, hot and sour soup. And based on the soup alone I was ready to ignore the sticky table and uncomfortable service. Great depth of spice, intense broth, forceful sour, loads of floating flavors, I was starting to feel happier and happier. Nothing was actually terrible, but the happy wouldn’t last.

The remaining ingredients were more standard local delivery in my opinion. The thick noodle soup was full of round slippery noodles, but the broth was missing everything that had made the hot and sour so good. The spicy stir fried lamb could really have been any protein and there was nothing but spice making it less interesting with every bite. The spicy pork dumplings had a peppery red oil coating them, which turned out to be their saving grace but not enough so that I would order them again.


The Hot & Sour Soup Brought Hope & Promise

Thick Noodle Didn't Deliver

Could Have Been Anything

Peppery Sauce Only Positive

The crab & pork XLB’s (soup dumplings) were the thing I was looking forward to, never having had them before. They were interesting in a mildly disconcerting way, kinda like your first pop rocks or bubble tea, you pop the entire thing into your mouth and there is a literal x-plosion of fluid but the crab didn’t taste fresh and had that light ammonia lilt which soured the whole ordeal. If I were ever back, I would get a bowl of hot and sour soup, but I probably wouldn’t be there of my own volition. There are much better options in the area.


The XLB's Look Safe

But Are Loaded With Danger

Fun To Watch Others Eat

But Not Good Enough To Want Another Yourself



What's Best

What's Worst

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