Boss Frosty's
 Wadsworth, Ohio        Date of Visit  04/19/14

Steph is convinced I scribbled that Boss Frostyís was better than BidingerísÖthe long standing local. Never said it. What I said was with the playground and food options on top of the ice cream might send some people up the street. Since the pictures from the first trip didnít work out, we decided to take a second trip. Following today's experience, Bidingerís need not worry. I'm certain they probably weren't to start with. I might literally roll the 2 miles down the sidewalk to not eat here again. 



The girls are nice at both places but Bids definitely has a strong edge in speed and efficiency. Our fist trip we tried a few different hot dogs with various toppings. The dogs were all angus, juicy and tasty. They still are. The interesting topping combosÖgone. Instead they have added burgers and Italian sausage. The sausage was heated to just below tepidly warm, topped with a full green pepper and three pieces of onion and then laid between the halves of a bun. Not in the bun, which had been torn in two, but between the halves barely touching either side. Try eating that.

Steph described the burger perfectly. Think middle school cafeteria. Now think what ever it would take to insult the burgers from a middle school cafeteria. I was surprised one of my middle school lunch ladies didnít clamber out of her grave and slap whoever decided to sell this garbage. Texturally tragic, totally tasteless, I think it actually absorbed and discarded most of the flavor out of the ketchup and mustard.

Lots Of Flavors, Some Seriously Mediocre

What Was This Supposed To Be?
Fun Options Have Gone The Way Of The Dodo...

At Least The Dog Is Full Of Beefy Flavor
This Is An Affront To Anyone Stupid Enough To Order It

If There's Beef In Here, I Can't Even Imagine What I Would Promise To Do If There Were

The mint chocolate chip hard-dip remains under minty and less than chocolately. I tried their soft serve instead of the yogurt I tried last time. When we go to Bids I like to twist whatever their two special flavors are. Sometimes the stranger the mix the better it works. At BFís that meant grape and banana twisted. Didnít taste of much at all in either direction. Iíll have a hot dog at home and go to Bidís.

Are You Sure This Is Mint & Chocolate

This Was A Pastel Yellow Nothing Twisted With A Pastel Purple Nothing
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Boss Frosty's
 Wadsworth, Ohio        Date of Visit  07/06/12

Once again my phone decided it didnít like my photos and decided to just record empty files, hence no images again. Like the rest of the world I am awaiting my upgrade date from Verizon. Hello, 4G and hopefully pictures lasting more than an hour on the sim card. Regardless we decided to add another local ice cream hut that also offers a savory menu. We typically patronize Bidingerís here in town, itís been around forever and has been a historical favorite. We have never been to the Frost Meisters, today was the day.

Entire Batch of Photos

Corrupted Again,



Boss Frostyís consists of the standard square building and features a few picnic tables and a drive through. The young lady at the window was quick to take our order which took a few minutes to get ready and were brought to the picnic table where we were lounging. We ordered three hot dogs, I canít tell you what they were called or exactly what was on them as my picture of the menu didnít survive either. I can tell you that the all angus ďBoss DogsĒ are really pretty good. Large and juicy they were much better than expected. Steph did the standard ketchup and mustard and was pleased with the offering. I tried two of their less traditional, one with chili, cheese and jalapenos; the other with veggies and a bleu cheese dressing. Both were good but I think I might actually prefer Stephís order with these sausages. The chili wasnít much of an addition but the jalapenos helped with the overall taste and the veggies didnít have that ďChicagoĒ dog mix of flavor and ended up watering things down rather than improving them. Yeah, ketchup and mustard might be the way to go.

Before we left we got a couple of cones. Steph tried the hard dip mint chocolate chip which was less impressive than expected, not very minty nor overly chocolatey. Ehhh. I tried frozen yogurt of the blackberry chocolate chip variety which was significantly better. I donít usually care for berry/chocolate mixtures but the tang of the yogurt managed to bring the treat together.

Boss Frostyís is a ways down the road from other common stops but they are working to make themselves a destination with a playground, the drive through, some savory options and deals for locals and local sports teams. Bidís might find some determined competition up the road in Wadsworth.




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