Akron, Ohio        Date of Visit  02/14/15

Graduation day for Fortis College in the suddenly heaping snow and instead of our usual rush to get a nap in with the dogs after pulling the whole event together, we get to meet a couple of folks at Bricco. How does it compare to the other two local versions we have tried? I’d say it fares a little better actually.



The Woodie Is An Adulty Less Sweet Martini

The service is above average from the manager to our actual server. Both made some deal about birthdays at the table but nothing ever materialized past the acknowledgement. Some do it better. Slick interior, bright colors with a fair bit of brushed stainless steel. It’s a trendy little place on the corner downtown. I tried a new martini…one based on bourbon (Woodford Reserve of Derby Fame), Cointreau (loaded with bitter orange happiness), and Tuaca (a vanilla and citrus liqueur) resulting in an interesting but still X chromosome based beverage called the Woody.

Do with that what you will.

We ordered entirely too many appetizers, but each was really worth it. The risotto balls (I guess they got tired of explaining what arrancini are but not confit) were filled with pancetta and mozz. I like them things, had ‘em before, the milder cheese really works well, lets the Arborio and ham stand out, doesn’t distract from the crusty exterior or marinara. Well done.


We also split the chorizo pizza and Holy Joses, this meaty disk packs some serious flavor. Specifically, in the kick you in the taste buds department. Thin and less than interesting crust is encumbered with ridiculous amounts of chorizo and Italian sausages and wee wafers of crispy prosciutto, a spectacular meatpocalypse. Savory, spicy, succulent. Then douse the whole mess with a spiral of spicy marinara and you have a memorable pie that sticks in your mind and leaves your lips tingling for a while. I remember it fondly.

The only disappointment was mild but a disappointment nonetheless. The spicy marinara with a plop of secret goat cheese, served with fried pita bread. Have enjoyed it twice in two of their other properties. Has never disappointed. Nicely, but seriously spiced red gravy, mound of tangy chevre, crisp triangles of seasoned Mediterranean or Middle Eastern bread. So good. But today they were stingy with the goat cheese. Sure it’s a cheap move but it also serves to steal that tangy balance from the whole dish that I adore. Still good but pales in comparison.

Very Nicely Balanced Risotto Balls
Pita Chips As Good As Other Properties But...

...Sauce Was Missing Necessary Proportion Of Goaty Goodness

The Chorizo Pizza Is Loaded...

...With Spice & Meat

We had two salads. A half Caesar which was standard and fine by report; a wedge with white French, grilled chicken and the standard accouterment, also fresh and functional by report.


Both Salads Seemed

Fresh And Fine

At Pub Bricco, I found the sandwiches to be lacking in panache and flavor, today we tried the shaved strip steak sammitch. I think they must have some connection to the Burgh or other part of the country since it comes on a “hoagie” roll…with shrooms, roasted red peppers, onion straws, horseradish aioli, and a white cheddar sauce; served with fries. It’s not Pat’s King of Steaks from Philly by any measure but it still evidenced depth I never experienced in the Valley. Already stuffed, the fries served alongside kept me chewing longer than I should have…speaks well of the fries. I took most of the sandwich home…too many delicious app options to finish.

I also had a bite of really well done pasta, spinach Florentine ravioli, stuffed with said green substance, cheese and other dairy, maybe a little nutmeg and topped with a roasted tomato cream sauce. Layers after layer of really well balanced awesome. While our well remembered and favorite appetizer ended up lacking downtown, the rest of the offerings make the downtown location the Bricco to try.

The Pasta Was Surprisingly Rich And Interesting

The Sandwiches Have Way More Going On Than Pub Bricco

And Really Good Fries Instead Of Chips





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