Bubba's Q
 Cleveland, Ohio         Date of Visit: 10/07/16         

Day started off well, jerky and other treats at the West Side Market. Then a turn, Bon Bon is out of croissants. We will survive. Then, we drive downtown to try some of the lunch offerings at Jack Flaps Luncheonette. Problem is, I’m a moron. Indian’s Playoff game today. I can’t bring myself to drop $30 on parking to try lunch and the streets are packed. No go.




It Looks Clean Inside...

Long time resident on our to do list has been Bubba’s Q. WORLD FAMOUS. Al “Bubba” Baker, NFL, Shark Tank, rib’s without bones…not boneless, compacted piecemeal patties…ribs without bones.  There were ribs without bones…past that…for me…the Q should be for Quit instead of BBQ.

Shining moment, the young lady who served us was bright energetic and attentively friendly. That sums up what I have to recommend the place.

On the down side, it looks really clean inside, until you start touching things, floor/chairs/menu/etc. Reminiscent of Pee Wee Herman’s movie theater. We started with their chili (also World Famous according to the menu).

If the ribs are famous for no bones, maybe the chili is famous for no heat. Spiceless and chilly. Should be David Spade’s favorite chili (pop culture reference).

I thought the chili was cold, then I saw Steph’s face trying to chew the ice cubes, I mean Brisket Bites, or their version of burnt ends. There is no way they tried to heat either the cubes or the sauce…a perfect three degrees below the bottom of the temperature danger zone…like they rushed it to the table to keep the frost from sublimating into mist. Hard to chew.

A Cup Of World Famous Cold Nuthin'

You Could Plop These In A Drink




The fries were as cold. The slaw was cold (yaaaa) but is as bland as everything but the house sauce. Mushy beans and mediocre mac and cheese did nothing to help. The corn bread and fried chicken shared some distinction…apparently all the heat meant for the rest of the meal was channeled into these two parts. If it’s brown it’s cooked, if it’s black it’s…uh, something else. It’s a nope on both counts.

The rib steak had smoke, the fat had been rendered out fairly well, was generally tender and the sauce had some flavor. They only have one, it’s mild, it’s a vinegar forward tomato based concoction that could really use some heat (even just a little) for balance. Beside the bone thing, you can find ribs this good just about anywhere, which is a disappointment.


Steve Austin Fries



Green Mush

Mediocre Mac

This Is Where All The Heat Went...

...That & The Chicken

Ribs Aren't Terrible But Not Worth A Trip Over A Mile, Not The World

Not My Fav, But It's All Opinion

When we sat down, we were asked if we had been there before. Our no was followed by a short course in their menu and how it’s prepared. My recommendation, make sure the kitchen has heard the spiel, they need it more than their customers do.





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