Akron, Ohio        Date of Visit  01/14/15         

So the Falls has a flashy new stretch of buildings much like Kent. Both sport burger places, the kinds with vision statements and philosophical pinnings beyond cheese or no. Bar 145 in Kent was fine, we decided to take a saunter to BurgerFi for comparison. It’s sort of a burger rave with loud tunes and lots of technology from the any coke product you could imagine dispensers to lo-jack table service. There are still some bugs being worked out in the POS etc., but the employees seem friendly and appear to roll with the problems, which never became a problem for us. We ordered a couple of burgers, the brisket and the breakfast all day, fries, rings, and a concrete.


Cherry Water From The DIY Everything Coke Computer

I was a little confused by the brisket burger…actually thought the POS problems had screwed up the order. What I had expected was a burger with a plop of brisket. Instead there are two patties, apparently both ground and pressed brisket. With the cheeses, and veggies, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference, I couldn’t and didn’t break off a piece of the patty to try alone until it was too late. Miss or missed opportunity, who knows. It was fine.

My breakfast all day burger was attractive due to the toppings; American cheese, hickory bacon drizzled with maple syrup, fried egg, hash browns, grilled diced onions, and ketchup. Breakfast and lunch together, I’m intrigued. There’s not a lot of ketchup or syrup (is that good or bad?) but the egg yolk runs (always a beautiful thing). The hash browns need a bit more brown and are fine but a mess of mush when a crispy edge would be so much better. It was a good burger, in more ways than one. The best part actually turned out the be the patty (which is clearly small compared to many other places) but really had a delicious juiciness (fat=flavor) and was exceptionally well seasoned. Pretty tasty overall.


They Might Have Misunderstood The Concept Of Branding In Business School

The Brisket Burger Really Didn't Do Much Of Anything For Me

Bfast Burger An Improvement

With The Yolk Oozing Richness But Hash Brown Reminds of Taco Bell Breakfast Diaper


The fries looked awesome and were instead alright, needed a hint more fry to create something interesting on the surface. Tasty but texturally challenged. The rings are thick and wide slices of sweet onion in a crispy and appetizing crust which holds just a bit too much grease but came across superior to the fries.

Pretty Good Fries

Better Rings


Steph ordered a concrete, which I would have figured would have had the name patented by Ted Drewes who have been blending these frozen cups for years on Rt. 66. BurgerFi apparently reserves the rights to their versions. Today ours was the OMC (Oh My Chocolate). The concrete is a frozen custard so thick you can turn the cup upside down over your head without fear…at least for a while. The chocolate version here comes with a Chocolate custard, peanut butter, brownie, chocolate chips, and chocolate sprinkles and loads of all of them. Hefty, serious, chocolate and cold. If you want to break a diet, this thing will do it.

Like most of these elevated and regional burger places, they aren’t going to compare with the little specialty joints who have been worshiping the all American sandwich at a much older and simpler alter for years. But you can find a much better option than the franchised TGMcButterBritches, if you’ve got the coin.

Nutty Surprises In The Concrete



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