Canton Dockside
Seafood Restaurant 
 Baltimore, Maryland           Date of Visit:  04/14/10  



The "Caesar" Salad

After finding there was no “Baltimore Crab” in Baltimore, we checked out some reviews and thought we might try a newer location on the harbor. At first I was worried we had stumbled into a tourist trap. They had crabs but they were from Louisiana. Okay I guess we can manage, they are still steamed in coats of Old Bay. The rest of the menu didn’t seem promising either, but after sending the server away three times, we decided to split a couple of offerings and a dozen of the medium crab. The Caesar salad arrived first and I was certain we were in for abject disappointment. The salad was haphazardly composed of romaine cut the size of bed sheets (try and get those in your mouth) seven croutons and a dressing I’m assuming was Caesar but didn’t taste like anything.


Crab Bisque En Croute

Easily the Best I've EVER had

Greasy and Crunchy "Fluff"
  Another server dropped off a crab bisque en croute and all things bitter and angry went far far away. Harmonious and intense, this is easily the best crab bisque (any bisque for that matter) I have tasted. This crock had a consistency that was perfectly set between cloying and runny, covered in flaky dough and abounding in tender chunks of crab. Flavors of crab, cream, crab, sherry, dough and crab were absolutely fantastic. A couple of crab fluffs (tempura fried crab cakes) couldn’t hope to successfully follow the soup, and they did not. Greasy and full of shell fragments we started to fight over the last couple drops of soup.

We then were introduced to the world of Baltimore crab picking. Sure the menu has directions, but don’t be bold…ask for help with the first one. Our server was understanding and helpful and she ushered in what was to become carnage not unlike what I’ve seen on the Discovery channel. On a side note, they add an automatic tip to the check here which I have always detested. Our server would have fared much better had they not charged us for her services, but on principle I have difficulty supporting that nonsense.

The Line-up

Mr. Crabby

Beginner Cheat Sheet

What's to come

Crab Mayhem and Carnage

Hesitant at first, pulling the apron, removing gills and mustard (not mustard but guts), hammering claws, breaking the carapace in half, digging out the mother-load, being showered with crab shrapnel, it wasn’t long before we were efficiently breaking them down with gusto. Starting her first Steph said it was a grotesque reminder of high school biology, when the last thing on your mind was eating whatever you were dissecting. After catching our groove we even got a compliment from the server. If you are a fan of King or Snow crabs you will find these less sweet with a slightly more pronounced fishiness. I was worried when the crabs arrived just encased in a crust of Old Bay…that’s a lot of spice! Of course, they’ve done this before, and the spice that sticks to your fingers is a great compliment to the crab. If you are ever in Baltimore it is worth learning to “pick-a-crab” even if the crab comes from far away.  



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What's Worst

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