The Corkscrew Saloon
 Medina, Ohio    Date of Visit  07/09/11

We started the night at Sully’s in Medina which had just won out as the destination for dinner by a hair, most likely because the name and website of the Corkscrew belies the place itself. Fortunately for us there was a competition and we had another local place in reserve as Sully’s is a reprobate sty which we managed to escape after a long wait for nothing. The Corkscrew is just a ways up Liberty Street in Medina and we hopped in the car hoping for something better. I’m certain the disparity between the two experiences helped out our impression at the corkscrew but realistically they were exactly what we needed. Like coming home to find your puppy waiting to lick your face after your 3rd grade girlfriend dumped you on Valentine’s Day. But this puppy has skills.



Lightly Sweet Dinner Rolls

First of all the building is a converted mansion which has had a number of tenants throughout the years but still holds a really unique feel and architecture, a beautiful place with lots of nooks and crannies. They should give tours of the rest. What really took the night up serious notches was our server. She was a young brunette whose name we are pretty sure was Chelsea.

We got there about an hour before they closed and from a distance it appeared she had a pretty long day, but each and every time she stepped up to our table the lights went on and she did everything possible thing to ensure we really enjoyed our experience. Kudos to a true professional…Alistair Cooke   said “A professional is someone who can do his best work when he doesn't feel like it.” Chelsea…I hope it’s Chelsea; proved herself just that. Smiles, concern, care. Super.


Boursin Mushrooms...Two Words That Belong Together

Are These a Regular App??? I might Become a Regular Myself

Hot, Spicy, Sharp with Crunchy Pita Delivery Vehicles

The Gorgonzola Vinaigrette and Varied Greens

We started with two unique sounding appetizers. The Spicy Feta Tomato Basil dip and the Boursin Mushrooms. I love a place that puts the word spicy on the menu and then follows it up with the actual heat. Acidic tomato, rich melted cheese chunks, and some serious bang. Served with crispy pita chunks, oh so good. It was everything that I loved about the appetizer at Pub Bricco, layers of delicious awesome. The mushrooms were just as good. Stuffed with the soft French cheese, breaded with a hint of cornmeal or something else to elevate crunch and served with a horseradish dip. Divine! We ordered two fish entrees and were delivered a basket of slightly sweet rolls and salads with Gorgonzola vinaigrette. I dig a place where there are a lot of named cheeses traveling throughout the menu. The salads were small but fresh and had a nice mix of sweet and bitey greens.


Three Big Filets of Perch

The Blackened Snook was Best of the Class this Year

Close Miss Crème Brule


I Almost Went  Back to Sully's to Make Sure Those Poor Souls Knew They Could Get a Beer
Right Down the Road, And They Bring it Right To You & You Don't Get Tetanus

I ordered the lake perch which appeared hot with a thin breading. It was well done and the taste reflected it. The veg du jour appeared exceptionally overdone on appearance but actually managed to maintain some texture and was well seasoned. Both plates also arrived with red skin smashers that needed a hint of salt but were on the money otherwise. Steph ordered the snook. No, this wasn’t a Seuss themed restaurant. Snook is actually a fish from the Caribbean with a mid feel texture and flavor. It was prepared blackened and grilled with the same starch and veg and topped with an Island appropriate mango salsa. The snook was head and shoulders above the perch with the lack of breading, the bite of the blackening spice and the flavor of the fish itself, just the ticket. She was nice enough to split with me even though we agreed her’s was much better. Chelsea asked if we would like to see the dessert tray, I said no but was vetoed. A ramekin with crème brule arrived and this was the only slight miss from the table. The custard was sweet (should be) but was broken and the sugar on top had not completely caramelized. This left the sugar grainy in some parts, stretchy in others and stole some of that bitter balance. Top to bottom The corkscrew was a fabulous experience food/service/ambiance all included. Easily the best we have had in Medina, and will have again.





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