Creo's Steakhouse
 Akron, Ohio        Date of Visit  02/03/16  

Just back from NOLA we happened into a NOLA themed restaurant, which has recently moved into the old Gus’s Chalet. We show up just after the lunch rush and the let down in service is noticeable. Our server is friendly but for the first part of our visit is busy keeping up with side work. I was caught by the idea of the hot crawfish cheese dip, Steph indulged her newfound love of crustaceans with the shrimp and grits and I tried the wharf shrimp po-boy.



Good Bread And Terrible Butter

We were started with some warm crusty bread, which was served with straight butter rosettes and garlic butter rosettes. The bread wasn’t Leidenheimers but it was pretty darn good.

The butter, not so much. Having taken the time to pipe them into rosettes and not having used them as quickly as their par suggested, they had become either fridge burned or rancid by some other mechanism. Form over function…certainly not the way of New Orleans.

The dip…the dip. Okay, good things. It was hot, had big chunks of crawfish tail, was moronically rich with cheese-lemon-buerre blanc-jalapeno, toasty disks of bread…it had a good bit going for it. On the downside, there was something peculiar in the flavor profile. I couldn’t make it out, but I did keep going back to it over and over, so it couldn’t have been all that bad.

Weird But Addictive Crawfish Dip

Had Big Chunks Of Tail

My po-boy looked different from Domilese’s or Mother’s, especially being covered with cheese and decorated with remoulade. The worst part were the waffle fries which were nicely browned but still cold and raw tasting inside. The shrimp were fine, but were really lost in the rest of the affair. I found them better than the shrimp and grits which were more of a greasy mess and missing more than one of the ingredients listed on the menu.  We took a good bit of both home (the dip really did us in) the shrimp and grits went in the trash and I finished the sandwich somewhere down the line. The fries were left on the table. If you’re going to Creo’s, go before a trip to New Orleans…not after.


Grits Kinda A Mess

As Were The Still Frozen In The Middle Waffle Fries

The "Po-boy"

A Little Peculiar But Not Bad



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