C's Waffle House
 Youngstown, Ohio        Date of Visit  01/07/12         
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Headed out for an early lunch my Mom told me a new place has inhabited the now defunct Arthur Treacherís on Belmont Avenue. A little sad to hear the deep fryers had been retired before I had a chance to see how their ribs tasted (yes thatís sarcasm) we strolled into Cís Waffle House. Apparently there are a couple of these in the area but this was the first I had heard of them. The outside of the building is still styled like a fried fish/chicken/taters/dumplings/doesnít matter they all taste the same English fast food and the interior hasnít been updated much outside of the train themed pen drawings of a local artist and some brighter colors.



Beaters Turn Out Really Well

We started looking through the menu and were all attracted to the breakfast offerings over the lunch. Breakfast is awesome any time of day and it seems to be the house specialty so thatís the way we went. Mom was excited to see the egg beaters breakfast which was not an upcharge at Cís, Steph went with the name on the sign and ordered a waffle and hash browns, and I couldnít help myself and ordered the Southern Mess.

Our server was young but a hard worker and showed experience beyond her years as she recognized a couple of customers coming in the door and knew their orders by heart. My mom said the owner does a nice job of working the floor and he got in just as we were leaving and did appear friendly and interested in whether we had enjoyed our late breakfast. We had.

The sorta eggs were perfectly done, supple without any runny mess and served with toast ham and hash brownsÖthe description of breakfast.

Chocolate Chip Waffle

Good Enough No One Used Butter or Syrup

Brown Crunchy Goodness

Exceptionally Well Organized Mess, Especially in Flavor

The waffles didnít exhibit the thin crust that you would find at Phil the Fire but were so flavorful with the chocolate chips and whipped cream that Steph forewent the butter and syrup. There are a lot of waffle combinations that I am interested in trying. She ordered a side of hash browns well done and they arrived with a crispy brown crust and steaming interior with perfect seasoning. Things were going way better than I had expected.

The Southern Mess was a deliciously evil combo that started with a bed of hash browns, filled with bacon, ham and sausage, blanketed with sausage gravy and crowned with two eggs and a biscuit. Oh my poor arteries. Iíll tell you whatÖwho cares about my arteries. This combo was dead near perfect with flavors blending together into what breakfast was meant to be when we used to really work for a living a hundred years ago. I might consider working on a farm to eat stuff like this every morning and not die in a month. It might not be trendy or beautiful but next time we are in Y-town Iím thinking I know where we will be having breakfast. The Colossus of Bob Evanís down the street better stay on their game there is more than just competition right up the street.

Layers of Breakfast Tastiness




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