Dickey's BBQ Pit
 Medina, Ohio           Date of Visit  02/28/16           

Plan…go to Timber Lodge, see how dinner is. Reality…they must be giving away gold at the Timber Lodge. The wait was well over an hour and we were the only one’s surprised. New plan, go to bbq place we passed on the way…eat…maybe even be home before we would have been seated. I’m assuming the restaurant is in an old fast food spot…still feels like that inside.



The service, while simple, was a complete disaster. It took four people to figure out/take the order, four to correct the order in the register, four to figure out which sides to put in the yellow cups, at least four requests to repeat the order and there’s something about watching someone ferociously and unsuccessfully wrestle stubborn, steam-sealed plastic wrap six different times and plop the surviving meat on your plate. Hiding that would make things more appetizing.

We were going to try the ribs but they were out, instead we settled on two three-meat platters, which covered almost everything but the ribs and chicken and came with two sides and a roll apiece. The meats are hickory smoked, you can see the fancy stainless smoker in the kitchen, but there is almost no detectable smoke on the meat. Beside the lack of bbq evidence, the meats varied in quality, which I’ll just cover under the pics below. The sides had seen better days. There are three sauces available, a mildly vinegary original, a stupidly sweet and a just sharp hot and spicy.

On the way out the door, there was a do-it-yourself ice cream machine, it’s a bit runny, the flavor is clearly artificial, but it is pretty intensely vanilla. Not too bad, I wish the sides and meat had been as overall mediocre.

First, The Q.

Sauce Choice Is Always A Plus

Didn't Care Much For Anything But The Original

Combo 1

Combo 2

The Polish Sausage Wasn't Bad Actually

The Jalapeno Cheddar Link Was Really Good, Nice Spice

Brisket Cried Out For Smoke

And There Was NO Discernable Remnant In The Pork...

...The Turkey...

Or The Ham, At All.

Then the Sides.


The Slaw Was The Only Non-disappointment

Beans Suffered From Long Sit, But Had Okay Spicy Bite

Mac & Soup

Real Taters Were Mashed But Tasted Of Nothing

When I think of bbq, it will take a long slide down the list before I end up heading to Dickey's, there are much better options.




What's Best

What's Worst

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