Dim and Den Sum
 Cleveland, Ohio           Date of Visit: 05/06/11             

This place has been getting a lot of press. This trend has been getting a lot of press. Finally we have one close enough to find out what it is all about. We named it Food Truck Friday. There is some buzz that this particular food truck might find its way to the Food Network on the next season of The Great Food Truck Race so we were curious how great it might actually be. This was a first for us, cruising into the city having no idea where we were going until the location of the day popped up on their website. The website also has the menu of the day but you gotta get there quick, when they are out; they are out. The menu changes often and appears to be at the whim of the day. We were looking to try the beef taco, the pork taco, the Pblt, the BBQ potato salad and the orange cheesecake.


Taters Were A Little Disappointing To Me

Tacos? This is not the local taco hut drive through. If you havenít heard of the new wave of food trucks (far from roach coaches) they are offering elevated food on the move. I canít tell you about the cheesecake. While we looked for parking we drove past the location du jour across from the courthouse and found a place to park. Like I said you gotta get there quick. No more cheesecake. So sad. Apparently its made with goya cookie crust and layers, orange, basil, cinnamon, and cardamom. Would really have liked to try. Everything else was still being served and we got the last potato salad of the day. Ha!

Steph liked the potato saladÖit didnít do much for me. It was fine, there just wasnít anything BBQ-y about it. No smoke, no sweet, no kick. Ehhhh. From here on out however, I was glad we made the trip. The pork taco has proscuitto, pulled pork, bacon, with pineapple sweet and sour sauce, green onions and a queso fresco/cheddar mix.



Fruity Beverages

Extravagant Beef Tacos

Glorious Pork Tacos

Incomparable Pblt

I found the blend of swine stupendous, hints of smoke, salt, richness all balanced by a bright sweet and sour sauce and the cheese. We were surprised to find two tacos in both boxes, a much better deal than we expected. The beef taco consists of pulled beef shoulder, pickled sweet and hot peppers, ginger aioli, marinated mushrooms and green onions. Oh man, is this thing delicious. If you check out the pictures you can see Steph in the official Chicago beef sandwich pose as the goodness just ran freely onto the sidewalk. Succulent and saucy this is some high caliber street food.

The Pblt is braised pork, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a sirachi mayo. The young lady who took our order said she had tried her first Pblt this very day and was excited we had added it to our order. She seemed excited about her job and spent some time barking to the passersby about their wares. The sandwich has great bread and is chock full of MMMmmmmm! I donít know how long the whole food truck trend is going to last, if they are all churching out stuff like this itíll probably be a lot longer than I would have expected.


Unctuous Pblt Interior

Delicious Is Running Out at Her Feet




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