The Donut Lab
 Akron, Ohio           Date of Visit: 04/26/14              Facebook Page

Visiting the first local food truck assembly, set to benefit the Copley schools extra curricular programs, and the longest line continuously through the day was in front of the little trailer named The Donut Lab. When we strolled to the front to see what magical concoction had so many people in the que we discovered you could have your donuts one of three ways (no splits, please). 1. Powdered sugar. 2. Cinnamon sugar. 3. Nuthin’. I was confused, I had expected some sort of wildly decadent sweet wonder of lore, sort of like glowing eternal happiness in a bag. I would stand in line for that. 10X or cinnamon sugar...not so sure.


It's A Wee Little Trailer

With A Wee-er Little Menu. Seriously?


The trailer contains an automated cake donut dropper/fryer/flipper/lifter, much like krispy kreme kitchens, without yeast raised options, in miniature. Yes, they serve hot, fresh fried donuts. I was spoiled for a couple of years in a scratch bakery. I’ve had it all piping hot and fresh. Better than a bag at a store, these were missing a dose of flavor (fall spice most often) resulting in lightly sweet greasy fried cake and not much else. Yes…those things are good but they would have to be so much better to make this little trailer a destination. Their facebook page shows pictures of other options…but none today.

The End Of The Automated Donut Maker

The Passable End Product



What's Best

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